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America's Voice for Energy

Marita Noon

Since accepting the position of Executive Director for the Albuquerque-based Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE) in 2007, Marita’s influence has grown beyond the borders of New Mexico. Her commentaries on energy, politics and their impact on the economy are read by thousands of people each week on many online commentary sites and in newspapers from coast-to-coast. She’s written more on Obama’s green-energy crony-corruption scandal than any other single entity.

Marita speaks to industry and political groups across the U.S. and is a featured guest on dozens of radio programs each month

In 2010, Marita launched the advocacy arm of CARE: Energy Makes America Great Inc.

She is the author of 20 books—the newest is Energy Freedom.

GUESTS: Dr. Randy Short: Social action Human rights advocate & political analyst—Historical context for the Clinton conquest in Haiti; and Ezili Danto: President Haitian Lawyers’ Leadership Network—The true goal of the Clinton’s involvement in Haiti.
GUESTS: John Droz Jr: Founder, Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions Model energy law; Kevin Martis: Director, Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition Local impacts of industrial wind development; Mary Kay Barton: Citizen energy activist, Western New York State Wind energy’s redundancy and unreliability; and Kristi Rosenquist: Citizen energy activist, Minnesota Wind energy’s unpopularity and health issues.
GUESTS: Ron Arnold: Executive Vice President, Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, Author: Undue Influence Is Russian funding anti-fracking groups?; Will Coggin: Director of Research, Environmental Policy Institute From Russia with love; Sterling Burnett: Research Fellow, Heartland Institute Should voters care?.
GUESTS: Phil Flynn: Senior Market Analyst & Author of The Energy Report, The PRICE Futures Group OPEC won the war but didn’t put US shale producers out of business; Tim Snyder: Energy Economist, Matador Economics OPEC’s agreement and gasoline prices; Thomas Pugh: Commodities Economist, Capital Economics Ltd Skepticism on the OPEC agreement coming to fruition; Allen Brooks: Managing Director, PPHB and author of Musings from the Oil Patch Efficiency within the energy industry and the improved economics.
GUESTS: Ken Paxton: Texas Attorney General, Co-lead in the CPP lawsuit Optimism regarding the “day in court”; Chaim Mendlebaum: Counsel to Energy & Environment Legal Institute Explaining the case and possible outcomes; Jeff Holmstead: Partner, head of Environmental Strategies Group, Bracelwell Law—Where the CPP goes from here; Kevin Cramer: North Dakota Congressman at-large, Trump Campaign Energy Advisor Donald Trump’s views on CPP.
GUESTS: Mary Kay Barton: Citizen activist, Western New York resident Buffalo Billion’s impact on the region; Jim Heaney: Founder and Editor, Investigative Post SolarCity slashes factory commitment; EJ McMahon: Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute SolarCity disaster could become a monument to corruption.
GUESTS: Merrill Matthews, Ph.D.: Resident Scholar, Institute for Policy Innovation CAFE Standards and Fords decision to move to small car production to Mexico; Nick Bunkley: Staff Reporter, Automotive News Trump spins “horrible” news that won't go away at Ford; Michael Lynch: President, Strategic Energy and Economic Research, Inc., author of The "Peak Oil" Scare and the Coming Oil Flood CAFE Standards: The Next Big Political Battle Over Energy.
GUESTS: Jeremy Boak: Director, Oklahoma Geological Survey Increased seismicity in Oklahoma; Rex Buchanan: Interim Director, Kansas Geological Survey Possible solutions to induced seismicity; Ed Ireland: Executive Director, Barnett Shale Energy Education Council and Associate Professor Energy MBA Program, Neeley School of Business, Texas Christian University Why induced seismicity is blamed on Hydraulic fracturing; Steve Everley: Senior Advisor, Energy in Depth Oil and gas industry’s efforts to solve the induced seismicity situation.
GUESTS: John DeCicco, Ph.D.: Research Professor, University of Michigan, Energy Institute Ethanol is worse for the climate than gasoline; Marlo Lewis: Senior Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute The impact of DeCicco’s study; Tom Pyle: President American Energy Alliance The state of Ethanol policy.
GUESTS: Malcolm Roberts: CEO, Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association The South Australia energy crisis; Jo Nova: Science presenter, writer, speaker & former TV host; author of The Skeptic's Handbook Crazy energy choices based on climate change ; Jeremy Banks: Victoria State Chairman, Citizen’s Electoral Council of Australia Politics and energy policy.
GUESTS: Isaac Orr: Research Fellow, energy and environment policy, Heartland Institute Why methane, why now; Robert Endlich: USAF Retired, Advanced Weather Officer; White Sands Missile Range, Chief High Energy Laser Support Team The science of methane; Thomas Shepstone: Planning Consultant; Publisher The players in the methane controversy.
GUESTS: Karen Crummy: Communications Director, Protect Colorado Dramatic display from the anti-fossil fuel crowd disguises lack of support; Tim Wigley: President, Western Energy Alliance The role of public education in fighting attacks on energy; Dan Haley: President and CEO, Colorado Oil and Gas Association The potential impacts of Initiatives 75 and 78; Simon Lomax: associate energy policy analyst, the Independence Institute, and pro-business consultant What happens next.
GUESTS: Dave Barnett: Pipeline Representative for the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry Pipeline projects and good union jobs; Rep. Kevin Cramer: North Dakota Congressman at Large What the Dakota Access Pipeline means for North Dakota and the rural communities through which it traverses; Toby Mack: President and CEO, Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance How energy infrastructure projects create jobs throughout the supply chain; Teriann Gutierrez: Owner Buena Vista Farms RV Resort Economic stimulus in communities along the pipeline route.
GUESTS: Marlo Lewis Jr.: Senior Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute Report: “Running Drivers into the Blend Wall: Push to Ratchet up Renewable Fuel Standard Rewards Ethanol Lobby at Consumers’ Expense; Brendan Williams: Vice President, American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers Biodiesel fraud within the Renewable Fuel Standard; Scott H. Irwin: Agricultural and Consumer Economics Professor, University of Illinois How the Renewable Fuel Standard was “set up for fraud.
GUESTS: Christine Lakatos: Citizen activist/researcher, author Green Corruption Files Hillary Clinton’s big money connections; Jerome Corsi: Sr. Staff writer WND, Author Partners in Crime Clinton Foundation is "a vast, criminal conspiracy" and "a slush fund for grifters."
GUESTS: Rep. Kevin Cramer: Congressman-at-large, ND; Trump Energy Adviser Donald Trump’s energy plan; Doug Brown: Underground coal miner, Rosebud Mining Co. The real impact of “Trump Digs Coal”; and Chuck Cunningham: Sr. VP, Government Relations & External Affairs Energy and the Republican Party Platform.
GUESTS: Joe Bastardi: Chief Meteorologist, El Nino, La Nina and the winter forecast; Phil Flynn: Senior Market Analyst & Author of The Energy Report, The PRICE Futures Group Good news for natural gas ; Tony Daltorio: Freelance writer on financial and commodities issues Strong markets for natural gas; and Jonathan Lee: Sr. Energy Market Intelligence Manager at Ecova Natural gas’ role in today’s electricity generation.
GUESTS: Sam Kazman: General Counsel, Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) The attacks on free speech and CEI’s response; Perry Pendley: President, Mountain States Legal Foundation (MSLF) MSLF’s role in the Exxon subpoena; Joe Bast:, President, Heartland Institute The politicization of climate change and the myth of consensus; and Ronald Bailey: Science Correspondent, the Reason Foundation A warmist fights the effort to silence people who hold differing views.
Guest: John Fund: Fox News Contributor, National Review Columnist First-hand report of the Brexit vote; Benny Peiser: Director, Global Warming Policy Forum Brexit and climate change/environmental policy; Mark Smith: Constitutional Attorney, author The official handbook of the vast rightwing conspiracy The role of regulations on the Brexit vote and US parallels; and Steven Hayward: Professor of Public Policy, Pepperdine University Lessons for California’s energy policy.
GUESTS: William Yeatman: Senior Fellow, environmental policy and energy markets, Competitive Enterprise Institute EPA’s Regional Haze Program and its impacts; H. Sterling Burnett: Research Fellow, Environment; Managing Editor, Environment & Climate News, Heartland Institute rulemakings and regulations vs. freedom of choice and market demand; Stephen Yurek: President and CEO, Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute the real-world cumulative impact of product efficiency standards; and Daniel Simmons: Vice President for Policy Fannie Mae’s new Washington, DC, headquarters and the cost of energy efficiency.
GUESTS: Dave Landrud: Minnesota homeowner living with the impacts of wind turbines—Health and economic difficulties resulting from the installation of wind turbines; Dan Engert: Supervisor, Town of Somerset, NY Fighting Gov. Coumo’s plan for wind turbines in his community John Rainbolt: Federal Affairs Chief, Alliant Energy What is PURPA (Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act) and how it increases electricity costs; and Rep. Ed Whitfield: Congressman, Kentucky’s 1st District PURPA reform and Congress.
GUESTS: Dr. Patrick Moore: co-founder of Greenpeace, author, Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout History of Greenpeace and the transformation from a group that originally wanted to help, to an extortion racket; Michael J. Bowe: Partner, Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP The Resolute RICO lawsuit Jaana Woiceshyn: Professor, Business Ethics, University of Calgary, Author, How to Be Profitable and Moral Resolute’s moral high ground; and Peter Foster: Columnist Financial Post, Author, Why we bite the invisible hand The Resolute shakedown story.
GUESTS: Mike Wallace: Hydrologist and doctoral student Southwestern stream flows determined by ocean and solar drivers, not climate change; Bob Endlich: Retired meteorologist, US Air Force Natural climate cycles, El Nino and La Nina; Judy Curry: Former Chair of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Tech; President, Climate Forecast Applications Network Climate change history and natural variability.
GUESTS: John DeCicco: Research Professor, University of Michigan Energy Institute How ethanol increases CO2 emissions; Frank Macchiarola: Group Director of Downstream and Industry Operations, American Petroleum Institute The problems with the Renewable Fuel Standard; Rep. Bill Flores: Congressman, 17th District, Texas The Food and Fuel Consumer Protection Act, H.R. 5180; Chet Thompson: President, American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers The RFS’s impact on refiners and the ethanol credits (Renewable identification numbers).
GUESTS: Christine Lakatos: Citizen Activist & Researcher, The Green Corruption File Tom Steyers involvement in green energy boondoggles; Simon Lomax: Associate Energy Policy Analyst, Independence Institute, Pro-business consultant Steyer’s influence in Colorado’s politics; Dan Kish: Senior Vice President for Policy, Institute for Energy Research Steyer’s green energy involvement isn’t about energy, it’s about power and money; David Barnett: Special Representative, United Association, Pipeline and Gas Distribution Department Steyer and the division between the unions and environmentalists.
GUESTS: Tracee Bentley: Executive Director, Colorado Petroleum Council The Colorado Supreme Court Decision and what it means for the oil and gas industry; Stephen Dillard: Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP What really happened with the Dimock, PA, water contamination lawsuit; Jackie Root: President, PA Chapter, National Association of Royalty Owners The true story of drilling in PA; Victor Furman: Field Director, Joint Landowners Coalition of NY Why I changed from opposing oil and gas development to supporting it. GUESTS: Tracee Bentley: Executive Director, Colorado Petroleum Council The Colorado Supreme Court Decision and what it means for the oil and gas industry; Stephen Dillard: Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP What really happened with the Dimock, PA, water contamination lawsuit; Jackie Root: President, PA Chapter, National Association of Royalty Owners The true story of drilling in PA; Victor Furman: Field Director, Joint Landowners Coalition of NY Why I changed from opposing oil and gas development to supporting it.
GUESTS: Tim Snyder: Energy Economist, Pro Petroleum, Inc.Understanding oil supply, production, and demand; Phil Flynn: Sr. Market Analyst at the PRICE Futures Group and a Fox Business Channel contributor Demand is busting out all over; Tony Daltorio: Former investment advisor and financial writer Oil prices are not off to the races; Daniel Flynn: Author of the Corn & Ethanol Report, the PRICE Futures Group Future drops in oil production resulting from decreased exploration.
GUESTS: Marc Morano: Executive Director of, Writer/Host of Climate Hustle The story behind the movie; Paul Driessen: Senior Policy Analyst, Committee For a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) The impact of climate policies on the developing world; John Coleman: Founder, the Weather Channel, Meteorologist of the Year The distorted science of climate change; Bonner Cohen, Ph.D.: Senior Policy Analyst, Committee For a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) Why people should see the movie Climate Hustle.
GUESTS: Calvin Beisner, Ph.D.: Founder and National Spokesman, The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation Energy Poverty as a moral issue; Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK): Chairman, Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Climate policy and the Senate; David Kreutzer, Ph.D.: Senior Research Fellow, Energy Economics and Climate Change, Institute for Economic Freedom and Opportunity, The Heritage Foundation Economic impact of the Paris Climate Agreement; and Myron Ebell: Director, Center for Energy and Environment, Competitive Enterprise Institute The Paris Climate Agreement is a “treaty.”
GUESTS: Chrissy Harbin: Director Federal Affairs & Strategic Initiatives, America’s for Prosperity The successful campaign to keep green energy tax extenders out of the FAA reauthorization bill; Andrew Langer: President, The Institute for Liberty The politics of green energy; Judson Phillips: Founder, Tea Party Nation Grassroots impact on Washington legislation; Michi Iljazi: Communications & Policy Manager, Taxpayers Protection Alliance Why green energy subsidies are bad for taxpayers.
GUESTS: Lance Brown: Executive Director, Partnership for Affordable Clean Energy How net metering sustains the rooftop solar industry; Patrick Lyons: Public Regulatory Commissioner, New Mexico New Mexico’s solar policies & adjustments, and industry pressure on Commissioners; Kevin Boyd: Contributor, The Hayride Louisiana’s solar wars; Josiah Neeley: Senior Fellow and Texas Director for the R Street Institute The politics of solar energy policies.
GUESTS: Christine Lakatos: The Green Corruption File—Hillary Clinton’s convoluted clean cookstove campaign; Paul Driessen: Author Eco-Imperialism, Green Power, Black Death—the Greens always want to help the Third World, but just not too much; Ray Smith: EnterGas LLC—Personal experience with propane cookstoves; David Kreutzer: Sr. Research Fellow in Energy Economics and Climate Change at The Heritage Foundation-- The Green Energy Goal That Is Condemning Many to Prolonged Poverty.
GUESTS: Christian Palich: President Ohio Coal Association Ohio coal miners respond to Hillary Clinton’s commitment to put coal miners and companies out of business; Bill Bissett: President Kentucky Coal Association Kentucky coal miners response to Heather Zichal’s “jobs have not been lost” comment; Bud Holzman: former Chief Analyst-Iraq Oil and Gas Infrastructure, geological consultant Global oil potential.
GUESTS: Monica Martinez: President and Secretary, Hispanics in Energy; former Michigan Public Service Commissioner How net metering hurts the poor; Travis Fisher: Economist, Institute for Energy Research; formerly with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission The Escalating Cost of Electricity; Paul Nielsen: Oil and gas landman, attorney Consumers perspective on changes in recycling due to low oil prices; and Chris Doherty: Vice President, National Waste and recycling Association Oil price’s impact on recycling.
GUESTS: Michael Swartz: Editor,, News and views from Maryland's Eastern Shore—Overview of the candidates view Jeff Holmstead: Partner, Bracewell, former official in both Bush Administrations—Candidates’ energy policy development; Paul Driessen, Senior Policy Analyst for the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow—Economic impact of the proposed policies; and Michael McDonald Ph.D.: Professor of finance, Columnist, Advisor Morning Investments—Who would be the best presidential candidate for energy companies.
GUESTS: Jeff Holmstead: Partner, Bracewell, former official in both Bush Administrations The Clean Power Plan and the legal path forward; Bill Bissett: President, Kentucky Coal Association The Supreme Court’s stay and the impact on the coal industry and the politics of the 2016 election; and Travis Fisher: Economist, formerly at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, currently with the Institute for Energy Research the “unholy alliance” between environmentalists and utilities.
GUESTS: Christine Lakatos: Researcher, Green Corruption Files Abengoa and green corruption; Charlie Drevna: Former President, American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers Abengoa, biofuels and the free market; and Sterling Burnett: Managing Editor of Environment & Climate News and a Research Fellow for environment and energy policy at The Heartland Institute We can’t drill our way to $2 gas.
GUESTS: Catherine Templeton: President, Brawley Templeton, LLC The Politico Caucus process and the parties’ views on energy; David Wilkins: ambassador to Canada from June 2005 to January 2009—The Keystone pipeline and differing political views on energy; and Mike McKenna: President of MWR Strategies Polling trends on climate change.
GUESTS: Jim Manatt: President/CEO, Thrust Energy, Inc. Exploration opportunities in Sandoval County, New Mexico; Karin Foster: Executive Director, Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico The process moving forward for oil development in Sandoval County; Andy Caldwell: Executive Director, COLAB (The Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business) Offshore oil development on California’s Central Coast; and Joe Leimkuhler: VP Drilling, LLOG Exploration Company L.L.C. Offshore drilling regulations.
GUESTS: Brett Smith: Program Director, Industry Analysis and Community Activities, Center for Automotive Research Challenges of Achieving a Mainstream Market for Electric Vehicles; Tim Echols: Public Service Commissioner, State of Georgia Electric cars and the coal that fuels them; Christopher Tessum: Co-author “Life cycle air quality impacts of conventional and alternative light-duty transportation in the United States” The debate over the environmental impacts of conventional versus alternative transportation options; and Dan Simmons: VP Policy, American Energy Alliance Government policy driving electric vehicles.
GUESTS: John Fund: National-Affairs Columnist, National Review The political implications of the Cruz/Trump ethanol positions; Tim Snyder: Energy Economist, Propetroleum Inc. Why ethanol will remain an important fuel even without the RFS; David Banks: Executive VP, American Council for Capital Formation Polling showing declining political power of the ethanol lobby; and Dan Simmons: VP Policy, American Energy Alliance Current movement on the RFS in Congress.
GUESTS: Dustin Bleizeffer: Editor-in-chief, Federal coal leasing moratorium; Christian Palich: President, Ohio Coal Association The Obama Administration’s war on coal; and Thomas Adams: Executive Director, American Coal Ash Association The Civil Right Commission Briefing and coal ash.
GUESTS: Phil Flynn: Sr. Market Analyst at The PRICE Futures Group Historic oil and LNG exports; Tim Snyder: Energy Economist, Propetroleum Inc.The impact of oil and LNG exports on the markets; Bill Murray: Editor, Rea Clear Energy at Real Clear Politics— Geopolitical benefits of oil and LNG exports; and Kent Moors: Executive Chair at Global Energy Symposium —Why exporting oil and LNG is a good thing.
GUESTS: Michael Hicks: Director of the Center for Business and Economic Research at Ball State University The impact of tax incentives on the market; David Kreutzer: Senior Research Fellow in Energy Economics, The Heritage Foundation Energy policy and subsidies; David Williams: President, Taxpayer Protection Alliance The impact solar power incentives on taxpayers and ratepayers.
GUESTS: Tom Wysmuller: NASA Meteorologist, member Johnson Space Center Climate Group Role of UN Missions and results from Paris; Carroll Cagle: Media Director, New Mexico Prosperity Project Real cost to New Mexico of removing fossil fuels from the economy; and Andy Caldwell: Host, Andy Caldwell Show, Executive Director of COLAB (The Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business) Economic impact to Santa Barbara County due to pipeline closure.
GUESTS: Bob Endlich: Meteorologist & geologist, US Air Force, retired Facts on climate change and observations on the UN conference in Paris; James Taylor: Senior fellow for environmental policy, Heartland Institute On the ground report from the UN Climate Conference; and Paul Driessen: Senior policy analyst, Heartland Institute and Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT)outrages and insanities in Paris.
GUESTS: Bill Weathersby: CEO Energy Waters Solutions, Cornwall Alliance— New America ort on climate policy and evangelicals; Katie L. Lewis: Assistant Professor, Soil Chemistry and Fertility, Texas A&M AgriLife Research Produced water irrigation project Benjamin Ackley: Completion Engineer Produced water and the need to disposal options; Sandy McDonald: CEO Kaizen Fluid Systems developing technologies for recycling produced water.
GUESTS: Calvin Beisner: Founder and National Spokesperson, Cornwall Alliance New America report on climate policy and evangelicals; Charles Clough: meteorologist and a pastor/theologian the coalescence of the socio-political economic trend and the philosophical trend; Dr. Peter Jones: Executive Director, truthXchange paganism and its infiltration in the Christian church.
GUESTS: Matt Dempsey: Spokesperson with the Center For Regulatory Solutions Ethanol’s economic impact; Brendan Williams : Executive Vice President American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers The ethanol mandate, the Renewable Fuel Standard and E85; Tim Snyder: Energy Economist, Pro Petroleum, Inc. Ethanol history and misperceptions; Hobey Bauhan: President, Virginia Poultry Federation The ethanol mandate’s impact on America’s food supply.
GUESTS: Dr. Thomas P. (Tom) Sheahen: B.S. and PhD degrees in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Director of ITEST, the Institute for Theological Encounter with Science & Technology Catholics and climate change; Harold H. Doiron, PhD: retired NASA engineer and Chairman, The Right Climate Stuff Research Team of Apollo Program veterans-independent assessment of the global warming issue and Letter to Pope Francis E. Calvin Beisner, Ph.D.: Founder & National Spokesman The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation the moral aspects of climate change.
GUESTS: Patrick Morrisey: West Virginia Attorney General The Lawsuits against the Clean Power Plan; Dr. Alan Carlin: economist and physical scientist, 39 year career manager and senior analyst at EPA Bias inside the EPA; Myron Ebell: Director, Center for Energy and Environment, Competitive Enterprise Institute Attacks agains the Clean Power Plan and expectations for Paris; Terry Jarrett: Former MO Public Regulatory Commissioner, attorney specializing in utilities and other entities interested parties—the legal process for the Clean Power Plan flight.
GUESTS: Sam Kazman: General Counsel, Competitive Enterprise Institute History of CAFE Standards; Michael Volkmann: Columnist,, car enthusiast What the CAFE Standards mean moving forward; Danny Battaglia: Senior Manager of Industry Insights, TrueCar Public interest in electric cars and their resale values.
GUESTS: Jeremy Boak: Director, Oklahoma Geological Survey History of earthquakes in Oklahoma; Rex Buchanan: Director, Kansas Geological Survey New earthquakes in Kansas; William L. Ellsworth: Professor, Department of Geophysics, Stanford University Hydraulic fracturing and earth quakes; Terrell Shields: Geologist, NARO Arkansas President, author The Appraisal of Mineral Rights—the relationship between market impact and geology.
GUESTS: Marita Noon: Executive Director, Energy Makes America Great—Introduction and comments on the conversation with Congressman Cuellar (D-TX); Steve Pearce: Republican Congressman, New Mexico District 2—Lifting the oil export ban and the impact on jobs in the oil industry; Jim Patti: President, Maritime Institute—The Maritime Security Program and its value to lifting the oil export ban; Toby Mack: President, Energy, Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance—Supply chain jobs benefitting from lifting the oil export ban.
GUESTS: Kathleen Sgamma: Director, Vice President of Government and Public Affairs, Western Energy Alliance—Fracking Rules and Waters of the U.S.; Elizabeth Ryan: NM State Game Commissioner—Mexican Grey Wolf Reintroduction; Brian Seasholes: Director Endangered Species Project at the Reason Foundation—Lesser Prairie Chicken and Sage Grouse Decisions; Laura Schneberger Bryant: Rancher impacted by the wolf reintroduction.
GUESTS: Dr. Benny Peiser: Director, Global Warming Policy Forum European climate policies that paved the way for VW scandal; Lance Brown: Executive Director, Partnership for Affordable Clean Energy (PACE), Volkswagen owner The connection between the Volkswagen scandal and US energy policy; Sterling Burnett: Managing Editor of Environment & Climate News and a Research Fellow for environment and energy policy at The Heartland Institute Other implications of US climate policies.
GUESTS: Rep. Mike Pompeo: Republican Congressman, Kansas District 4—What is happening in DC on the oil export ban and the wind Production Tax Credit; Dan Simmons: VP Policy, Institute for Energy Research The history and future of the Production Tax Credit; Tom Stacy: Electricity system, physics and economics watchdog A glimpse into unintended consequences of current energy policy; Annette Smith: Executive Director, Vermonters for a Clean Environment The real world results of the PTC.
Join Marita Noon and GUESTS: John Auers: Executive Vice President, Turner, Mason & Co.Report on where oil would flow if the ban is lifted; George Baker: Executive Director, Producers for American Crude Exports The benefits of lifting the ban for American producers; John McLaughlin: McLaughlin Associates, Republican pollster attitudes in Israel and the U.S. on the Iran deal; Rep. Ed Royce: Chairman, House Foreign Affairs Committee Geopolitical implications of lifting the export ban.
Join Marita Noon and her GUESTS: Sterling Burnett: Research Fellow, Energy and Environment, Heartland Institute —Obama’s Alaska trip and his climate change agenda; Jim Steele: director of San Francisco State University’s Sierra Nevada Field Campus, author: Landscapes & Cycles: An Environmentalist's Journey to Climate Skepticism —the real story on Polar bears; Debbie Bacigalupi: associate producer Icebear—The story behind Icebear; JD King: Filmmaker, writer/director Icebear—What is Icebear, how can you be involved
Join Marita Noon and her GUESTS:: Tim Snyder: Energy Economist, ProPetroleum—The oil, refinery, gasoline mix and the economy; Sandy Fielden: Director of Energy Analytics, RBN Energy, LLC—Crude refining trends; John Auers: Executive Vice President, Turner Mason & Co—Refineries, shutdowns, and turnarounds; Phil Flynn: Sr. Market Analyst, The PRICE Futures Group, Inc.—Crude oil and gasoline price
GUESTS: Paul Driessen: Senior Policy Advisor, CFACT—EPA's gross negligence at Gold King Mine; Lee Fuller: Ex. VP, Independent Petroleum Association of America—History of the Waters of the US rule; Karin Foster: Executive Director, Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico—Waters of the US rule’s impact on the energy industry.
Join Marita and her GUESTS: Terry Jarrett, Attorney and consultant to the energy industry—The final Clean Power Plan; Name withheld: former Abengoa employee—Corporate culture within Abengoa; Name withheld: former Abengoa employee—Abengoa’s accounting shenanigans; Kevin Hudak: Financial Advisor, CUE Financial Group—Renewable stocks and Abengoa’s stock crash
Join Marita and her guest:: Michael Bastasch: Contributor,—Hillary’s energy plan; Dan Kish: Senior VP Policy, Institute for Energy Research—How Hillary’s energy plan benefits China; Sterling Burnett: Research Fellow, Energy and Environment, Heartland Institute—Governors refusing to comply with the Clean Power Plan; Jo Bastardi: Chief Forecaster, WeatherBELL Analytics—All This for .01 Degrees Celsius?
Join Marita and her guests as they discuss energy:
Dan Kish: Senior VP Policy, Institute for Energy Research—Iranian oil exports and the US ban on oil exports; Tody Mack: President and CEO, Energy, Equipment, and Infrastructure Alliance—Supply chain benefits of lifting the oil export ban; Rep. Bill Flores: 17th Congressional District of Texas—Update from The Hill on legislation to end the export ban Corey Goulet: President of Keystone Products, TransCanada—Keystone pipeline update
Join Marita and her guests and their topics: Sheila Slocum Hollis, Energy Attorney, Partner, Duane Morris—Mexico’s energy reforms; Richard Sanchez, Marine Analyst, IHS Petrodata Marine—Mexico as the next big opportunity; Baron Lukas, Energy Consultant, Vital Stratigies, LLC—Mexico’s demographics role in energy reform Jon Becksted, oilfield consultant with 35 years’ experience—Opportunities for American workers
Join Marita and her guests: Jay Lehr, Science Director, The Heartland Institute—Nuclear Safety; Dan Kish, Senior VP Policy, Institute for Energy Research—Nuclear Power and U.S. Energy Policy; John Manfreda, Energy Analyst, and—The Economics of Japan’s Nuclear Decision Tim Snyder, Energy Economist, ProPetroleum—The Energy/Economy Connection
GUESTS: David Williams, President, Taxpayer Protection Alliance—Solar Subsidies; Emory Belton, Attorney and Lobbyist, Energy and Utility Issues—What Happened in Louisiana on Solar Policy; Pat Lyons, Public Regulatory Commissioner, New Mexico—Inside Solar Policy in New Mexico and Nationally
TOPIC 1: The Link between Climate and Poverty GUEST: Benny Pieser, Director, Global Warming Policy Forum—Europe’s return to fossil fuels ; TOPIC 2: The SCOTUS/EPA decision, while not all positive, is worthy of celebration GUESTS: Terry Jarrett, Attorney and consultant to the energy industry—SCOTUS decision impact on Clean Power Plan; Bill Bissett, President, Kentucky Coal Association—Broader implications of SCOTUS/EPA decision
Join Marita Noon and her guests: Bob Greco, Downstream Group Director, American Petroleum Institute The Renewable Fuel Standard Law and Proposed Reforms; Baron Lukas, President, Vital Strategies Management Consulting Demographics and Changing Fuel Usage; Tim Snyder, Energy Economist, Propetroleum and Agri-Energy Solutions The Future of Ethanol Production
Join Marita Noon and her guests: Harrison Hickman, Hickman Analytics Inc. Energy poll and specific processes of polling Shawn Martini, Consumer Energy Alliance Poll results and what they mean Bruce Donisthorpe, political pollster Polling and its role in American politics today
Join Marita and the following guest: Adam Andrzewski, Chairman, American Transparency—Federal Transfer Report—Export Import Bank Tim Carney, Washington Examiner columnist, Visiting Fellow AEI —Export Import Bank and green energy Deroy Murdoch, Fox News Contributor, Media Fellow Hoover Institution—Export Import Bank corruption Nick Loris, Senior Policy Analyst energy and environment—green energy subsidies
Join host Marita Noon and her guest: Coleman Alderson, author: Mountain Whispers, Days Without Sun
Join Marita and her guests: Philip Wallach, Fellow in Governance Studies, Brookings Institute Clean Power Plan background and reliability issues Paul Gessing, President, Rio Grande Foundation—Economic impact of power plant closure in New Mexico Ray Hagerman, CEO, Four Corners Economic Development—United front to keep San Juan Generating Station open Terry Jarrett, Attorney specializing in energy issues—Clean Power Plan legal challenges and future
Join Marita and following guests:: Ed Ireland, Executive Director, Barnett Shale Energy Education Council—Texas’ Denton Fracking Bill James Roller, Vice President of Legislative Affairs, Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association—Oklahoma pre-emption bill Karin Foster, Executive Director, Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico—Mora County drilling ban and federal court decision John Eick, Director, Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force, American Legislative Exchange Council—The national case for pre-emption
Join Marita Noon and her guests as they address their independent topics. Calvin Beisner: The Cornwall Alliance—Scriptural and moral view Marc Morano: Climate Depot—A report from Rome Matt Briggs: Cornell University—A Catholic’s view Sterling Burnett: Heartland Institute--Summary
Join Marita and her following guest: Daniel Simmons Vice President for Policy, Institute for Energy Research John Eick Director of Energy Environment and Agriculture, American Legislative Exchange Council John Droz Executive Director, Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions Bob Greco Group Director, Downstream and Industry Operations, American Petroleum Institute
Join Marita and the following guests: Charlie Williams executive director, Center for Offshore Safety Jason Hutt Bracewell Giuliani Jennifer Presley senior offshore editor, E & P Magazine Emory Belton Solar subsidies in Louisiana