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Eastern Standard Time

(8-9 AM) Rant and Rave
(9-10AM) The Doctor’s Lounge
(10-11AM) The Immigration Hour with Charles Kuck
(11-12PM) Our Constitution with Attorney Michael Connelly
(12-1PM) The NSPS Radio Hour with Exe. Director Curt Sumner
(1-2PM) Medicine on Call with Dr. Elaina George
(2-3PM) Greg’s List with Greg Williams
(3-4PM) Psychiatry Today
(4-5PM) Detailing Addictions with Dr. Susan Blank, MD
(5-6PM) The Doctor’s Lounge
(6-7PM) Greg’s List with Greg Williams
(7PM-9PM) The Best of America’s Web Radio
(9PM-11PM) Cowboy Logic

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