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The Prologue

Georgia author, Doug Dahlgren, is an experienced interviewer with his own unique style. Having eight novels to his credit, six of which are a popular series known as The SON Series, gives him credibility with other writers and his manner offers them a chance to relax and tell you, the reader, about their work. Doug’s books are available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle version as well as through most places where books are sold. You can also learn more about his books through this station’s “Host and Guest Library” featured on the home page of America’s Web Radio. Join Doug Fridays at 11am to meet authors and other interesting people you may not know yet. Interested in being a guest? Contact Doug at for details.

Myra Lewis Williams, author and former wife of Jerry Lee Lewis. She brings her new book, "The Spark That Survived," which is a retelling of her first book, "Great Balls of Fire."Myra shares her story of being the teen-aged bride of Rock & Roll's original bad boy. Sit back and enjoy this one !!
Join Doug and his guest Author George Weinstein talking about his book "Aftermath." George is a former multi-term president of The Atlanta Writers Club and currently serves as "President Emeritus." His latest book is a mystery set in a small town in the south.
Join Doug and his guest author Linda Hughes. A Doctor of Education and former TV personality, Linda has nine books in print. She bring us,"Becoming Jessie Belle," a work of fiction that explores the task of learning about one's self and who they really are.
Join Doug and his guest author Stan Hayes. Stan brings us his second novel, "The Quintessence of Quick." This is a sequel to his earlier work, "The Rough English Equivalent," and the main character Jack Mason. Jack's life has been, shall we say, well rounded. Through the use of Black Holes, Jack can go to and from, anywhere or time that he pleases. The adventure is fast paces and a lot of fun.
Author and Founder of The Broadleaf Writers Group, Zachary Steele is on to discuss his book, "Anointed: The Passion of Timmy Christ," a sensitive, tongue-in-cheek look at the affects economic pressures can have on churches. Also discussed is the Broadleaf Group and how they seek to help writers become published.
Guitarists, singer, songwriter, and band leader Corey King. Corey's band, The Ohio Weather Band is currently touring regionally with their personal style of American rock, rock and roll, blues, and folk music.
Join Doug and award winning columnist and novelist, Genie Smith Bernstein brings as she brings her romance novel, Act on the Heart. This work was recognized in 2016 with nomination as Georgia Author of the Year in the Romance Division.
Join Doug and his guest Novelist and playwright, Evan Guilford-Blake. Author of 44 plays and four novels, Evan brings his experience of over twenty five years as a writer. We talk about lessons learned and shared and progress made with his award winning work. Our focus will be his newest novel, The Bluebird Prince.
Join Doug and his guest Valerie as she brings us her forth book, "A Better Truth," a physiological thriller, and talks about her other books and her time in The Atlanta Writers Club.
Join Doug and Lori as they bring us her third novel, "You Know I Love You, Because You're Still Alive." The Confessions of a Middle Aged Working Mom. Lori's tongue in cheek style is a hit with readers.
Join Doug and his guest Greg Spry with the second book in his Beyond Saga, Beyond the Horizon. Greg talks about his series, the characters, and where they take us.
Join Doug and his guest Alex Walker author of The Toltec Series. We caught up with Alex at a new bookstore in Decatur, Georgia where he was signing copies of his series. We get to talk with Alex about his books and to the manager of the store and other special guests as well.
Join Doug and Cliff a well-known and beloved poet in the North Georgia region and beyond. He brings us his book of poetry, two in one actually, with the combined title, "The Draw of Broken Eyes--and--Whirling Metaphysics"
Join Doug and his guest Steve Levi as they discuss his work and specifically, his "impossible crime", mystery novel, "The Matter of the Vanishing Greyhound." Steve joins the Prologue from his home in Alaska where he has produced 80, that's "8-zero", books in either print, kindle or both.
Join Doug and his guest author Grace Hawthorne bring us her third novel, Crossing the Moss Line. A story taken from historic events and set in fictional location on the Georgia Coast. Grace is an award winning author with solid credentials for her craft. Join us for this great discussion of her latest work.
Doug's guest is "Longmire" creator and author, Craig Johnson. They discuss Craig's latest book in the Walt Longmire Mystery series, "An Obvious Fact," and the upcoming fifth season of the popular television series based on his novels.
Join Doug and his guest Western Writer, Phil Mills Jr. His old west novel, "Where a Good Wind Blows," carries us back to the days of frontier justice. Have you ever wished there was more from Zane Grey? You need to listen in and check out Phil Mills Jr....
Join Doug and Atlanta Author and past President of the Atlanta Writers Club, George Weinstein. George has a new book to be released this fall and is doing a workshop for beginning, or starting writers on August 26th, 2016 at the Georgia Writers Museum in Eatonton, Georgia.
Author Katie Hart Smith returns to The Prologue with her new book, a novel set in North Georgia and Atlanta in the early 1900's. "Aspirations of the Heart" takes us along on the journey of a young girl who seek more to her life than society's expectations. A page turning storyline that carries the reader through the history of Atlanta.
Join Doug and his guest Franklin Cox, 1st Lt. USMC (retired.) He brings his memoir of days as a forward observer in Vietnam. The book is "Lullabies for Lieutenants" Silver Award Winner, Military Writers Society of America.
Join Doug and his guest author Greg Spry with his Novel, Beyond Cloud Nine. An old fashioned "Space Opera" that offers a futuristic look at politics and truth manipulation.
Join Doug and his guests will bw Milam McGraw Propst and Jaclyn Weldon White who together have written, "Sidetracked - Two Women, Two Cameras, and Lunches on Sherman's Trail."The story of historical points in Georgia and how to find them, sometimes.Two terrific writers combined for this tremendously fun book.
Join Doug and author, Erica Jantzen bringing us her novel, No Ordinary Fire. The story of dealing with abuse. Not just once, but a string of abuses from different relationships. A woman haunted by demons from her childhood seeks solace in drugs, sex and bad relationships before finding real help.
Join Doug and his guest Mary Lou Cheatham. An award winning author from Louisiana, by way of Mississippi. She brings us a novel from her very popular The Covington Chronicles series, book three, "The Dream Bucket." A "stand alone" story about life and tribulation in an era now gone.
Join Doug and his guest Dorit Sasson, who brings us her memoir of a 19 year old New York girl who moves to Israel and joins the IDF ( Israeli Defense Force ). A riveting true tale of growing up and overcoming one's fears.
Join Doug and his guest Tori Bailey.coming back with the follow-up to her successful, "Coming Home," novel titled, "Ethel's Song."
Join Doug and his guest Ashley Terrell discussing her book, The Black Sheep Shadow is an autobiographic tale offering inspiration. She lays out her life's lows and highs and suggestions for others on how to handle them.
Join Doug Dahlgren and his guest Author, Randy Blalock bringing us his novel, "The Many Walks of Life." A heavy personal experience sets the protagonist of the story on a journey, through time and recent history. It's a story that grabs you and carries you along.
Join host Doug Dalhgren and his guest M.A. Wright and her novel, Devil's Choice. A post Civil War drama.
Doug's guest Dr. William Rawlings, brings his new book, "The Second Coming of the Invisible Empire." An in depth study of the Ku Klux Klan of thew 1920's. There's much confusion about the short-lived rebirth of this organization and the impact it had on our culture and our politics.
Donald C. Brockett, Retired Attorney and Author who bring us "The Tyrannical Rule of the U.S. Supreme Court" sub title..."How the Court has Violated the Constitution." Mr. Brockett lays out a compelling case for his argument with historical facts, case law and opinions by justices themselves. Agree or not...this is one to listen to and learn from.
Join Doug and his guest author and hunting authority, Duncan Dobie discussing his photographic odyssey of Whitetail Deer hunting, "Dawn of American Deer Hunting."
Georgia 2015 Author of the Year, Jameson Gregg will join me to discuss his award winning, comic novel, "Luck Be a Chicken."A very talented writer with a great, tongue-in-cheek story of life. When life consists of NASCAR, beer, and deer hunting.It's enough to make Jeff Foxworthy come up with a new line. Join us for the fun.
Join Doug and his guest as they talk about a unique bookstore that not only welcomes self-published authors, that's all they carry.
Join Doug and his guest Jaclyn as they discuss her True Crime book, "The Empty Nursery, The Disappearance of Haley Hardwick." Jackie's writing talent and her vast experience in law enforcement make this a compelling account of a real tragedy.
From The Blue Ribbon Grill join hot Doug Dahlgren and his guests there, who are on the show, were Emory Jones, long time Ludlow producer, Denny Ainsworth... another favorite producer, George Croly and Ludlow's widow, Mrs. Nancy Hanson. A great time had, sharing remembrances and Zipping Through Georgia with memories of Ludlow porch.
Author: Doug Dahlgren
Kathy Rowe joins host Doug Dahlgren to discuss. Her latest book, Servo is a futuristic look at our country...divided into "inner states" and "outer states."
Join host Doug Dahlgren and his guest New York Times Best Selling author, Haywood Smith. talking about her book, "Queen Bee Goes Home Again" and how she became a writer.
Join Doug Dahlgren and his guest Michael Connelly as they discuss Michael's book The Mortarrman about Michael's father in WWII.
Bob is the author of the book, God's Blessed Angel, the story of his late wife, Janice Fraumann, her work, her talent and their life together. The inspirational story of a couple whose music took them to serve members of their congregations but to also meet figures like Ronald Reagan, Jeff Foxworthy, and George H.W. Bush.
Join Doug and his guest as she brings her novel, Labyrinth Quest. The story brings Magic Realism into the realm of Fantasy. A native of the Netherlands, Yvonne lives in Stratford, Ontario with her husband and family. Labyrinth Quest is her forth novel.
Historian and author, Emory Jones sharing his novel, "The Valley Where They Danced." Post WW1 story line about the rural North Georgia foothills and the new sawmill town of Helen, Georgia. A great tale carries us through the history with page turning wonder. A great story and a "must-have" novel for anyone who has visited the area around Helen, Georgia.
Join Doug and his guest Eliot Parker, author of three published novels bring us his book, "Fragile Brilliance." The story of a cop who uncovers a massive plot to bring an extremely dangerous drug into the community's college ranks. There's police infighting, drug-mob thuggery and plenty of action.
Join Doug and his guest David T. Dixon. Historian and author of "The Lost Gettysburg Address." A frequent contributor to "Georgia BackRoads" magazine, David tells of a man and his speech that few know also happened on November 19th, 1863. The one that followed Abraham Lincoln's famous address.
Join Doug and his guest Georgia Author, Fran Stewart creator of two great mystery series and other works. Her Latest Series, The ScotShop Series features the novel, "A Wee Murder in my Shop." We'll discuss that and other great books from Fran's imagination.
Join doug and his guest Fiona Page the award winning storyteller and author brings us her memoir, My Nightlife is 24/7. Yes, Fiona is blind. She lost her sight as an adult and her adjustments and triumphs are inspirational.
Join Doug and his guest Georgia author, Tori Bailey. Her Coming Home series now three novels and growing. She brings us the first of that series,"Coming Home - A Second Chance at Goodbye" A touching tale of loss and redemption.
Join Doug and self-help Coach Mark Todd has a book titled, Repeat After Me. It is a series on "life lessons" he teaches how to see as "blessings." He calls himself, A Believability Coach, stating he enjoys "helping people increase their belief in themselves." The book is "Repeat After Me."
Join Doug and his guest Milam McGraw Propst, author of "Writer, Writer" and other novels including, "A Flower Blooms on Charlotte Street," which was made into the feature movie, "The Adventures of Ociee Nash." "Writer, Writer," offers her back story on becoming a writer, inside information on her second book, "It May Not Leave a Scar," and the making of a movie from the author's point of view.
Join Doug and his guest Award Winning Author, Darden North. Darden has four exciting mysteries available in print, Kindle and some in Audio format. We'll discuss his first novel, House Call, as well as other great news about his works, including a new book on the way.
Join Doug and his guest Dr. William Rawlings of Sandersville, Georgia. His terrific book, "A Killing on Ring Jaw Bluff," is not only a true story of death and justice in a small town, it tells how economic changes in rural Georgia changed life for the residence and the surrounding area. Set in the turn of the century and through the twenties, Dr. Rawlings tells of the growth of wealth in the first two decades of this rural area and the collapse of it all during the Great Recession in 1920.
Join Doug from Braselton Georgia as he interview a number of local and State authors about their latest books
Doug's guest Lori B. Duff. brings her second book, "The Armadillo, the Pickaxe, and the Laundry Basket." Mrs. Duff is a humorist who writes antidotes that most of us can relate to, some funny and some more serious. In the shadow of Lewis Grizzard, she's Georgia's own, Erma Bombeck....and, she's a judge !
Join Doug and his guest Robert Wlaker author of over 61 books, including two extended series, The Instinct Series and The Edge Series.We'll discuss "The Fear Collectors," the latest of The Instinct Series
Join Doug and his guest Wilma Turner, co-author of "He Heard His Brother Call His Name" The true story of the infamous Hale Twins of Texas. This is too good to miss and you won't believe it!
Join host Doug Dahlgren as he interviews Dr. Courson about his book "Dixie Mafia Gangster, The Audacious Criminal Career of Willie Foster Sellers"
Join Doug and his guest Colorado Author, Anne Flint. Her novel, Fettigrew Hall The Biography of a House, is the start of a series focusing on an old, English Tudor house in England. And, Yes...Ghosts are involved.
Join Doug and his guest Susan Coryell as they discuss her Southern Gothic novels are written in the Agatha Christie style of "Cozy Mysteries." They also talk about her books, "A Red, Red Rose" and its sequel, "Beneath the Stones."
Join host Doug and his board operator as they take on current events of the day in a "Special Edition" of The Prologue.
Join Doug and his guest Barbara Barth, an author and writer's advocate...and good friend. Her primary book is, "Danger in Her Words."
Join Doug and his guest Dr. Bill Keeton to speak about his book, "A Boy Called Combustion."
Join host Doug Dalghren and his guest Mr. James E. Alford autheor of book "Letters From the Front - Echoes of the Civil War."
Join Doug Dahlgren as he introduces himself, his philosophies, being an author and much more.
Join Doug and his guest author Katie Hart Smith as they discuss her book Couch Time with Carolyn.
Join Doug and his guest Michael Pual as they discuss his memoir, "The Bridge Over Cedar Creek," is his story of rudderless young man growing up and learning how to be an adult in the rough country of 1957 Colorado.
"TRUST NOT" is a riveting memoir. Author, Retired Army Captain William G. Haneke tell his story of service, massive injuries, recovery and work after the fact that is difficult to put down.
Join host Doug Dahlgren and his guest Gerald Gillis as they discuss Gerald's thriller novel, "Dare Not Blink" take the read inside the world of corporate intrigue, backstabbing, loyalty, greed and ethics.The protagonist, David Paige is a worthy hero for this excellently written book.
Shilo is a severely wounded veteran from the Iraq War in 2007. He continues to use his celebrity to advance the cause of other wounded vets. He is available for speaking engagements and autographed copies of his book through the web site.