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Ellen began her career in the insurance industry in 1992. Running quotes, answering the phone, and yes making coffee! Ellen has always had a strong work ethic, so when her first boss in insurance had the motto “I kill ’em – you clean ’em” Ellen forever more would know how brokers wanted to be taken care of! In 1996 she took her first sales position with Humana and is forever grateful for them believing in her. Over the years you have seen Ellen transition to other companies that would give her the opportunity to work with almost everyone in this room ?????? After 20+ years on the medical carrier side, Ellen saw a need for voluntary benefits/income protection, for employees. Discovering that 50% of Americans cannot write a check for $500 motivated Ellen into this segment of the insurance world. Her success has been immediate because brokers know Ellen has the knowledge of how to pair together major medical and voluntary benefits for a solution that works for the employer and the employee’s. Regardless of our future under Obamacare, or the new AHCA – Americans need solutions and Ellen is thrilled to be the person to bring those solutions to brokers!

Join Ellen and her guest as they discuss that If you are a business owner or highly compensated self employed person you will want to hear about how to protect your company, assets, and income.
Join Ellen and her guest Bert Hene, President Hene Health Brokerage.discussion about Health Care Reform. It's impact on the state of Georgia as it relates to insurance carrier, the individual market, and small businesses.
Join Ellen and her guest Andy Siegel discuss the things you need to know but didn't - about your Homeowners and Auto insurance!
Join Ellen and her guest as they discuss AARP is really just promoting how Repeal and Replace will increase costs to the elderly by 5 fold. I think some good bullet points would be:
Topic: Wellness and Mindfulness
Join Ellen and her guest Holly Conley as they discuss . . . Obamacare - the true impact of ACA on individual and small businesses.
Join Ellen and her first guest as they discuss business regulations and how you might be in trouble and not know it.