Attention organizations, associations, meeting planners and businesses in need of expert speakers in their particular area of expertise be it medicine, business, constitution, farming, survival, politics, health care, insurance, gardening and many other varied fields of endeavor we have a speaker for you!

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Medicine and Medical Politics

Dr. Elaina George, M.D. ENT Surgeon, topic what is happening to medicine today and will happen in the future. Host of Medicine On Call every Wednesday at 9:00 AM EDT

Dr. Susan Blank, M.D. Psychiatry, topic addictions and today’s practices, ages, business and effects of insurance with regard to the multitude of different addictions. Host of Detailing Addiction every Tuesday at 4:00 PM EDT

Politics and Our Constitution

Michael Connelly, Esq. is a nationally known Constitution expert and for years was the hired gun when a Constitutional question became a court case. Host of Our Constitution every Wednesday 4:00 PM EDT

Charles Kuck, Esq. is a nationally known and respected immigration attorney. Charles sees and discusses both sides of the immigration issue and the true need for reform. Host the Immigration Hour every Tuesday at 10:00 AM EDT

Business, Economics and Energy

Marita Noon is a nationally known expert on energy. From the pros of oil, gas and coal to the cons of alternative programs, Marita’s show America’s Voice for Energy Thursday’s at 11:00AM EST, exposes it


Ray Bowman known as an agriculture advocate, writer, TV personality and hosts Food and Farm every Friday at 12:00 PM EDT and the Sheep and Goat Hour every Thursday at 12:00 PM EDT