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Psychiatry Today

Join Dr. Scot Bay every Wednesday night at 7PM while he discusses Psychiatry and mental health with guests. Scot Bay, MD is Board Certified in Psychiatry, and has a private practice in Roswell, GA. He majored in Psychology at the University of Rochester and attended medical school at New York Medical College. He completed his residency in Psychiatry at St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City. He was clinical director of an outpatient clinic at St. Vincent's Hospital in Harrison, New York until 1995 when he moved to Columbus, GA, where he was in private practice and was an assistant medical director at the Bradley Center of St. Francis. He moved to the Atlanta area in August of 1998. Dr. Bay specializes in the evaluation and management of mood and anxiety disorders. He has lectured all over the Southeast regarding practical and innovative uses of psychiatric medications, and also has participated in clinical research regarding novel uses for current medications as well as potential new medications. Dr. Bay is concerned with helping America's Web Radio listeners cope better with stress, and feel well emotionally. He also strives to reduce the stigma in the general public regarding mental illness and psychiatric treatment by debunking myths, discussing news stories relating to mental health issues, and giving a balanced explanation of media reports on the latest developments in medical research. Listeners to “Psychiatry Today” will hear useful tips on how to reduce the impact of stress on their lives and how to achieve better emotional well being.

Tips to prevent stress reactions; Study of ketamine for depression still not conclusive; Post-partum depression in mothers of preemies; Low levels of certain hormone in 2nd trimester linked to post-partum depression.
Stigma, ignorance about mental health; Mental illness doesn't effect bariatric surgery; Autism in girls linked to maternal grandmother's smoking in pregnancy; Medication for smoking cessation not used enough; Anxiety increases alcohol cravings; Drinking not always helpful in cardiovascular diseases
Your brain on your favorite song; Health benefits of gratitude; Spiritual Retreats bring about brain changes; Childhood bullying leads to adulthood diseases; Stopping ruminative thoughts to treat depression; Deep sleep lacking but needed in elderly.
Reassuring news about antidepressant use in pregnancy; Guidelines published for Ketamine use in Depression; LSD studied as possible treatment for depression, anxiety; Mindfulness group therapy as good as individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
US dropping in world happiness rankings; Climate change toll on mental health; Brain scans choose medication or therapy for depression; Method predicts bipolar patients' response to Lithium; Substance abuse increases suicide risk in veterans, especially women.
Marijuana harms cardiovascular health; Women more harmed by life stressors; Eating vegetables lowers stress; Violent video games don't lower empathy; Tea drinking may protect elderly from dementia.
Herpes infections raise Autism risk; MRI's in infants predict Autism; Yoga helps relieve depression; Creativity linked to brain connections; Poverty, homicides raise depression in elderly; Postpartum anxiety, depression different than other disorders.
Political news adding to our stress; Brain differences in ADHD; Genetic risk in ADHD; Married people have lower levels of stress hormone; Bracelet for treatment of Trichotillomania.
Show love to depressed partner; Headline stress effects couples; Mediterranean diet may help ADHD; Exercise prevents depression in kids; Caregivers at risk of anxiety, depression; Post-partum depression risk from Gestational Diabetes; Maternal depression reduces kids' empathy.
Interpersonal effects on weight loss; Apps for depression, anxiety; Meditation, music, help reverse memory loss; Genetics of emotional responses to sounds; Misophonia results from abnormal brain connections; Depression, anxiety increase mortality in lung cancer.
Federal panel's report on pot's health effects; Stress, psychosis risk in immigrants; Brain protein linked to trauma's effects; Sleep helps process trauma; Seeing others' trauma effects brain; Work stress in men linked to cancer.
Author: Dr. Scot Bay, MD
Why no new antidepressants for 10 years; Brain link between stress and heart disease, stroke; College student mental health; Biomarker for depression in pregnancy; Alcohol abuse in older adults; Schizophrenia increases diabetes risk.
Author: Dr. Scot Bay,MD
Atlanta site of new VA crisis call center; Pot-schizophrenia link confirmed; Hopkins researcher promotes psilocybin use; Links between violence, mental illness; Mediterranean diet slows brain shrinkage
Author: 57:40
Brain circuits active if political beliefs challenged; 1 in 6 US adults have had Psych. meds.; Pot won't help anxiety or depression; More pregnant women smoking pot; Brain changes during pregnancy; Lutein helps brain health and intelligence in older adults.
Fake events remembered as real; Brain protects us from trauma memories; Aerobic exercise increases brain volume; Magic mushrooms for cancer patients' anxiety, depression; Genes related to personality traits.
Religious experiences activate reward brain circuits; Genetic cause of Autism; Yogic breathing helps Major Depression; Tai Chi helps vets with PTSD; Music training improves brain connections; Reconditioning brain to overcome fear.
Diving in GA Aquarium helps vets with PTSD; New individual cognitive therapy for PTSD; Social media envy, low self-esteem, bad financial choices; Physical illnesses from depression, anxiety; Maternal depression adversely affects children's brain development.
Stress affects purchases; Distraction helps aging brain; Alzheimer's pathology despite superior memory; Teenage binge drinking and future offspring; Gut bacteria show effects of maternal stress on children; Brain area for placebo pain relief found.
Exercise prevents illnesses from work stress; Miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies cause PTSD; Arthritis drug boosts effects of antidepressants; Probiotics improve cognition in Alzheimer's patients.
Sunshine important to mental health; Small lies lead to bigger ones, with greater ease; Increased drugged driving deaths, economic and legal consequences of marijuana legalization; Brain training games don't improve memory generally.
Meditation works even if not "mindful;" Heading the soccer ball and youth football causes brain changes; New brain theory of PTSD; Depression and lung cancer survival; Mental health issues effect future of US healthcare.
Myths about ADHD exploded; ADHD symptoms in adulthood; Higher vitamin D in pregnancy may prevent ADHD in kids; MDs' diagnostic skills far better then web or apps; Knowingly taking placebos for pain still works.
Those stressed out by election should tune out, try yoga; US ranks in top 10 for empathy; Early marijuana use impairs brain, lowers IQ; Ramifications of peer victimization for children, adolescents.
Alcohol produces brain changes similar to Ketamine in depressed patients; Having a happy spouse improves your health; Detecting emotions with wireless signals; Loneliness is at least partially a heritable, genetic trait.
Adverse environment negates antidepressant response; Job status and depression treatment response; Helping depressed smokers quit; Financial traders good at following "gut feelings;" Exercise relieves depression, anxiety in COPD patients.
Why multi-tasking, texting and driving don't work; Stroke and risk factors for depression; Persistent pain and prematurity increase risk of Post Partum Depression; Angry drivers have more collisions; MRI technique induces and changes feelings.
Sex later in life increases risks of cardiovascular events in men, not women; Heredity of alcoholism and binge eating in ADHD patients; Effect of learning languages on brain; Negative experiences on Facebook lead to depression; Memory activation can prevent fearful reactions.
Maternal BPA levles linked to sons' anxiety, depression; Benefits of Meditation vs. Vacation; Parents' mental illness and to kids' suicide, violence; Effects of childhood bullying linger to college age; Health risks of PTSD; Trauma victims' genetic changes passed on to children; Female childhood abuse linked to death in middle age.
Zika causes multiple brain birth defects; Depressed patients not getting help they need; Younger women suffer stress-related heart disease; Fit children have better brain development; Early job dissatisfaction hurts health later in life; Facial cues cause social exclusion.
Brain influences adrenals in stress response; Gene linked to several mental illnesses; ICU patients at risk of depression; Chronic pain in partners of depressed patients; Stigma effects illness severity; Work productivity in recovery from depression; Cinnamon may enhance learning.
Processing speed game lowers dementia risk; Marijuana's long-term effects on the brain; Risk of depression when parents, grandparents have it; Workplace burnout; Altered activity in certain brain areas during hypnosis.
23andMe data helps depression research; Obesity ages brain by 10 years; Effect of combat on female soldiers; Bad first impressions hard to overcome; How to rekindle faded sex life; Behavioral Activation, effective and less costly compared to CBT; Stress intolerance linked to opiate abuse.
Insights into delayed antidepressant action; Long lag between onset of symptoms and proper bipolar diagnosis; ADHD meds reduce risky behaviors; Changes in brain common to autism, ADHD, OCD; Fathers' key role in child development.
Meditation helps with attention, health, lowers stress; IBS and mental health; Infections, taking antibiotics may lead to manic episodes; Increased stress among middle, high schoolers; Women with ADHD at risk of anxiety, suicidal thinking.
Immune reactions control social interactions; Fruits and veggies make us happier; Epileptics have higher suicide rates; Gender based job stress; Controlling drones by thoughts; Brain region differs in men and women.
Young male vets suicides 4 time civilian rate; Cause for obesity in depression, bipolar patients; Claim that acetaminophen in pregnancy can cause autism; THC helps remove plaque found in brain cells in Alzheimer's Disease; Teens' Social stressors helped with lessons about personality change.
Unusual brain wave pattern when texting; Genetic clues in Bipolar Disorder; Biomarkers to diagnose Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Why parents less happy than the childless; Parks promotes physical, mental health; Depression genes can be overcome; Supplement curbs high-calorie food cravings.
Prescription painkiller abuse in US twice as much in 10 years; Early Alzheimer's symptoms reversed in small, preliminary trial; When we eat may be more important than what we eat.
Experts spot trends but can't prevent those who hate from acting on it; High Army suicide rates persistent; Review of suicide prevention; Stigma blocks access to mental health care; Brain differences behind why females better at cooperation; ADHD meds. don't increase substance abuse.
Media connects violence, mental illness; Laws to prevent mentally ill from access to guns; No reliable method to predict suicide; Blood test to personalize depression treatment; 2 in 5 formerly depressed adults happy; Long-term marijuana use changes brain's reward circuit.
Workaholism tied to mental disorders; Suicide risk factors in soldiers related to deployment; Mood changes in bipolar patients toxic to brain cells; Brain structure that reacts to impending negative events impaired in depression; How brain controls habitual behaviors.
How you argue with spouse predicts health outcomes; Extreme beliefs may drive violence but not indication of psychosis; Depression decreases women's fertility; Antidepressants are commonly prescribed for reasons other than depression.
App may help anxiety, depression, but alerts cause ADHD symptoms; Screening for Post-partum Depression; Adverse adult consequences for children of depressed parents; LSD, like Ketamine, causes ego dissolution; Forgetting traumatic memories; Blueberries to treat PTSD.
Stigma major reason service members don't get mental health care; Depression worsens COPD; Mechanism behind antidepressant effect of Ketamine found; Increasing depression later in life may be sign of dementia; Young men with ADHD at highest risk of video game addiction.
Fish oil, SAM-e, methylfolate, and Vitamin D help when added to antidepressants; Certain genes indicate benefit of exercise for depression; Mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy prevents depression relapse; What causes deja vu?; Genes for happiness found.
Suicides increase in almost all demographics; Heart attack patients more depressed but less treated for it; Hundreds of Zoloft birth defect lawsuits dismissed; More evidence of brain damage from cannabis use; One antidepressant helps control weight.
Gun rights and suicide prevention can coexist; Treating depression cuts risk of cardiovascular disease; Stress impairs cardiac blood flow, causes heart muscle damage; Brain differences in thrill-seekers; Pituitary disease in veterans with concussions; Choir singing boosts immunity in cancer patients.
Military suicides increased in 2015; Brain differences in helplessness vs. resilience; Why practice won't always make perfect; Brain differences in selfishness vs. altruism; Brain's emotional processing pathways; What you say about others reveals a lot about you.
More diagnosed with marijuana use disorder; Review busts myth of health benefits of moderate drinking; Links found between nightmares, suicidal behaviors; People with rage disorder more likely to have toxoplasmosis infection.
CDC issues pain killer guidelines in face of overdose epidemic; Variety of physical activities cut Alzheimer's risk in half; Blueberries could help fight Alzheimer's; More education and stair climbing keep the brain young; Overcoming devastating impact of self-criticism.
Depression effects entire organism, not just brain; Train your brain to improve motivation; New brain scans for early Alzheimer's detection; Gene increases risk of schizophrenia; Abrupt smoking cessation found to be better than gradual quitting.
Researchers repudiate claim that psychological research can't be replicated; How anxious people perceive things differently; Friendships caught up in our throwaway culture; Brain differences and mental abilities; Keeping brain active may not delay Alzheimer's; Mobile device addiction linked to depression, anxiety.
People tend to seek out those with similar views; Florida tries to limit doctors' speech about guns; Military mental health improved; Sleep apnea impairs brain function; Plant compound may treat brain diseases.
Medicines you or someone you know may be taking causing more deaths; School-based anti-bullying program; Science behind getting "Hangry"; Brain wiring reduces risk of bipolar disorder; Personality traits may indicate potential musical talent.
Meditation plus aerobic exercise reduces depression; "Attention Residue" ruins your concentration; Response to cognitive-behavioral therapy shown by changes in brain volume; Electric patch holds promise for PTSD treatment; Children with allergies have higher risk of anxiety and depression.
Study refutes critics who say antidepressants are overprescribed; Bullying increases risk of suicidal thinking/behavior in teens; Many young people have undiagnosed bipolar disorder; Parental depression worsens kids' school performance; Online cognitive behavioral therapy for Body Dysmorphic Disorder.
Preventative Services Task Force recommends all adults, especially pregnant and postpartum women, be screened for depression; Long-term painkiller use linked to depression; Elderly who stop driving at risk for depression; Cognitive-behavioral therapy has long-term benefits for depression.
Scans predict response to cognitive behavioral therapy; Effects of ADHD on relationships; Forgive and move on from soured relationships; Do worst thing on to-do list first; Healthy diet improves sleep; Older drivers who take Ambien have more accidents.
An article which encapsulates all the trials, tribulations, difficult decisions, and stigma faced by those who take antidepressants, clearing up a lot of myths and misconceptions.
Prenatal antidepressants don't increase risk of autism or ADHD; Lead exposure linked to ADHD; Psychotherapy helps IBS; Antidepressants improve diabetes control; Exposure therapy for depression.
7 ways to deal with difficult people, especially at the holidays but also year round; Why songs get stuck in your head and how to get them to stop.
Unsurprisingly, poor sleep makes us more emotional; 10 Percent in US have drug use disorders; Brain scans demonstrate faulty networks in ADHD; Emotion processing differs in tinnitus patients; Happy Holidays, next podcast in 2016.
Rates of ADHD up 43 percent; Study claims men have better sense of direction than women; CBT as good as antidepressants in severe depression; Holiday related suicide peak is a myth; How not to raise a psychopath.
Escitalopram lowered levels of brain toxins; All of us may hallucinate; Potential new Alzheimer's drug also anti-aging; A raisin tests toddlers' future academic ability; Parental warmth after corporal punishment leads to anxiety; Being moody can help us adapt to change.
Light helps depression in any season; Lower omega-3 levels in Bipolar patients; Mindfulness meditation beats placebo in pain reduction; High-inflammation depression disrupts reward circuits; Loneliness alters immune response; End of life dreams often comforting.
Evidence weak for fish oil in depression but certain patients may benefit; Lower testosterone linked to supportive relationships; Eating sweets forms memories which guide eating behavior; Author makes strong case against spanking; Why superstitions are hard to shake.
Rehearsing information enhances recall; Depression interferes with memory; Naps boost long-term memory; Active pregnant women less depressed; Workers don't realize need for help with depression; Menopause, hormone fluctuations, stress and depression; Gratitude linked to positive marital quality.
Self-injury serious but not considered a disorder; Incomplete resolution of depression increases relapse risk; Antipsychotic use in elderly increasing; Brain imaging helps improve success of public health campaign.
Immune cells in brain may play role in depression, schizophrenia; Marijuana use and use disorders doubled in 10 years; Bullied teens face obstacles to mental health care; Music listening affects mental health; Stroke caused by work stress.
Author: Dr. Scot Bay, MD
Diets high in fat or sugar alter gut bacteria, impair cognition; Beware of hype about New Zealand blackcurrants; Fermented foods help social anxiety through gut bacteria; Artificial brain cell mimics function of and communicates with real ones; ALPIM Syndrome bridges mental and physical illnesses.
Why only some people respond to placebos in depression research; Claims that benefits of psychotherapy are overstated; How religion helps mental health; Why washing the dishes can reduce stress.
Mass killer profile impractical for prevention; Childhood stress impacts adult health; Typical PTSD therapies not helping vets; Mindfulness-based therapy helps vets with PTSD; New drug approach to prevent PTSD; Why it's hard to stop obsessing about the past.
Brain region shrinks with anxiety, grows with optimism; Loneliness negatively influences social cues; How night owls differ from larks; Tips for staying on time; Forgiving others protects women, but not men, from depression.
More fish, fruits, vegetables, and less processed meats, fast food lowers depression risk; Predicting depression treatment response; Brain implant for depression; Workplace bullying increases suicidal thoughts; Breakthrough in what causes autism; Brain structure and memory differences in ADHD.
Much of US has far too few psychiatrists; Experts tout value of downtime; Benefits of curbing work hours; Workplace rudeness contagious; Happiness, but not depression, contagious among adolescents.
Why many with mental illness stop meds; Risk factors for suicide; You can't catch up on sleep; Mobile apps for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia; Scientists learn how transcranial magnetic stimulation treats depression.
On-air shootings illustrate how anger turns to violence; Study determines what kind of man murders his partner; How to change health habits for good.
Ethics, legality and science behind debate about mentally ill criminals and the death penalty; Potential new law restricting mentally ill persons' access to guns; Lawsuits over Cymbalta discontinuation side effects.
Stigma reduction at odds with explain shootings; LA theater shooter not stopped by treatment order; Depression should be screened for in primary care; Seniors get psychiatric drugs without adequate care; Medication reduces injuries in ADHD kids.
Shooter's mental illness should have thwarted gun purchase; Vietnam vets still with PTSD; Women with PTSD at risk for heart attack, stroke; Childhood mental health issues compromise successful adulthood; How brain looks when facing death; Tests show potential new rapid depression treatments.
Guilty verdict for theater shooter who claimed insanity; Your phone knows if your'e depressed; Depression research excludes real world patients; Hard science shows meditation works; Stress hormone strengthens traumatic memories.
Prozac and Paxil, not Zoloft and others, linked to birth defects; Summer Depression; Newer soldiers more prone to suicide; Sleep affects mood in female bipolar patients; Recurrent depression damages memory center in the brain.
Full description of latest medications for depression; Cyberbullying on social media linked to teen depression; Markers of inflammation in the blood may help predict risk of suicide.
Young males at high risk for committing hate crimes; Sitting too long may increase anxiety; Talk therapy to treat insomnia; New insights into Trichotillomania; Peer phone support for treating Post-partum Depression.
Female veteran suicide rates 6 times higher than civilian women; Creativity genetically linked to psychiatric disorders; Positive emotional reactions to stress improve long term health; 7 ways anger ruins health; 7 habits of people with good emotional hygiene.
Stressed wives make men's blood pressure rise; Healthy relationships prevent depression in abuse survivors; Gene influences how we react with our emotions; Fibromyalgia's central nervous system origins; Burning Mouth Syndrome, cause found for one woman.
First sign of Alzheimer's may not be memory loss; Sleep apnea linked to depression in men; Effects of stress on brain, immune system; Financial stress causes heart disease in women; Political myths entrenched by efforts to debunk them; Psychosis, delusions rarely precede violence.
Depression in older adults more than doubles stroke risk; Recreational pot use causes psychosis; Obesity, depression cause daytime sleepiness; Depression worsens anger in vets with PTSD; How Mind Affects Body; Impact of workplace aggression.
Brain mechanisms behind Night Eating discovered; More evidence for healthy diet, healthy mind; Depression and Bipolar patients feel sadness differently, but both have "Fuzzy Thinking;" Autism, The State of the Science.
Gene variation could explain placebo effect; Link between immune system, Alzheimer's Disease; Children of depressed mothers at risk for behavior problems; How to avoid being trapped by anxiety; REM Sleep Behavior Disorder an early sign of Parkinson's Disease.
Author describes struggle to find relief from depression; Mindfulness therapy as good as medication for chronic depression; Gratitude improves health of heart failure patients; As trial about to start, a look at mental state of Colorado killer.
Study on Tylenol dulling emotions over-hyped; Probiotics may improve depression symptom; Pfizer cleared in Zoloft birth defect verdict; Snoring, apnea linked to faster memory decline; Wristband measures of rest, activity may predict response to antidepressants; Ways to keep sharp as brain ages.
1 in 10 US adults have impulsive anger and access to guns; Genetics may one day predict who gets PTSD; Misophonia, hatred of sounds; Brain's sarcasm center found; Why men always think women flirt with them.
Update on Germanwings murder/suicide; Latest study on military suicides; Remembering lists, names, and what you came into the room for; Power naps help memory; Risk factors for nightmares; When melatonin works, or not, for sleep.
Germanwings crash points to need for major reform in approach to pilots' mental health; The MIND diet and how it may protect against Alzheimer's disease; High fat diet alters gut microbiome, causes inflammation in the brain, and alters behavior.
My take on research into parents' role in kids' narcissism; Common causes of memory loss; Loneliness, social isolation as much as threat to longevity as obesity; Careers with highest risk of suicide.
Polluted air may increase suicide risk; Bouts of severe anger could cause heart attacks; Difference between quirk and having OCD; ADHD doubles risk of premature death from accidents.
Insanity defense little used, seldom succeeds; Hawking says aggression may destroy us; Sleeping too long associated with stroke risk; Brain scans show why depressed people have trouble with social rejection.
Regular users of strong cannabis at risk of psychosis; Depression, anxiety sometimes signs of serious illnesses; Causes of nightmares, how to stop them; Genetics of Sleep Paralysis; Using Chantix to quit smoking gradually.
Herbal remedies lack labeled ingredients; Naps reverse effects of poor sleep; Painkillers associated with depression; In wake of Marine suicide, bill to prevent soldier suicides signed into law; Brain scans predict response to talk therapy; Diagnosis of ADHD delayed in girls.
Most Americans stressed about finances; Insomnia therapy reduces suicidal thinking; Disclosing your mental health issue to boss; Different mental disorders cause same brain damage; How brain ignores distractions; Psychopaths can't understand punishment.
Inflammation in brain linked to depression; Common medications seniors use linked to dementia; Binge watching television linked to loneliness, depression; Diet, nutrition essential for mental health; Ways to relieve work stress.
Health system in UK to use Detroit method to reduce suicides; Cope with hostile boss by returning hostility; Drinking disrupts sleep; What not needing sleep would change; Why we forget something we just looked at.
Risks of drinking when taking medications; Job stress increases stroke risk; Not guilty due to insanity doesn't mean freedom; Smart drug study's conclusions not so smart; Good sleep habits reduce worrying.
Sedatives, anti-anxiety drugs over-prescribed in elderly; Jealousy with sexual vs. emotional infidelity; How to stop being late; Fake bar in lab used to test anti-drinking drug.
Balancing on one foot indicates brain health; Mental illness and preventing terror attacks; Why people-pleasing is unhealthy and how to stop it; New method to diagnose Alzheimer's.
Middle age women highest rates of depression; Tips to break bad habits; Bad boss can make you sick; Newton's mental health problems; Study says boys meaner than girls; Brain scan to diagnose autism; Social anxiety sufferers still have good friendships.
18.5 % of Americans have a mental illness; Reasons for psychiatrist shortage; Therapy alone helps prevent suicide; Choosing right kind of therapy and therapist.
Schools helped Lanza's mom appease him; Possible role of wealth in Lanza's care; Mental illness not why youth possess guns; Dementia not being screened for; Job authority increases depression in women, decreases it in men; Best jobs for your brain.
Long-term marijuana use damages brain; Army algorithm predicts suicide; What to say, or not, when someone is suicidal; Brain changes in preschool depression predict recurrences; Researcher proposes infectious diseases as cause of depression.
Election Day saddest day of year; Air pollution during pregnancy increases risk of ADHD in kids; Uses for antidepressants other than depression, anxiety.
PET scans show brain changes with therapy; Mental illness increases heart disease, stroke; Parent, peer disapproval leads to teen suicide; Parkinson's drugs cause impulse control disorders; 19% of US adults have chronic pain.
Brain-training games don't work; Alcohol and memory after age 60; Walnuts may prevent Alzheimer's; Cocoa extract improves memory; Fish boosts antidepressant response; Teens conflicts in school/home effect each other.
Exercise three times a week cuts depression risk; Appointments with psychiatrists extremely difficult to get; Hype about broccoli improving autism; Teen girls more prone to depression; Falls put elderly at risk of PTSD; Stress and men's health.
Depression should be screened for routinely; Spouse's personality effects your career; Brain changes in media multitaskers; Brain responses in fibromyalgia; Gene influences in PTSD; Yogic breathing helps PTSD.
Fruits, vegetables improve mental health; How exercise prevents depression; One antidepressant dose changes brain; Perils of snooze button; Sleep drunkenness; Therapy beats meds for social anxiety; Impact of sibling bullying; Depression questionnaires and unnecessary prescribing.
Blood test to diagnose depression in adults; Suicide is preventable; Sedentary lifestyle linked to depression; Brain imaging evidence of cause of ADHD symptoms.
Review of obesity drugs; Sedatives linked to Alzheimer's; Spanking does more harm than good; Wife's happiness more crucial in marriage; Sexual violence and mental illness; 9/11 responders with both PTSD and respiratory illness.
Stigma hurts mental health; Stress doesn't effect all; Brain imaging of romantic rejection; Marijuana addiction from new laws; Child abuse causes obesity; Family dinners protect teens from cyberbullying; Brain imaging of honesty vs. lying for self-interest.
Mild, brief stress can be helpful; Memories manipulated in lab, could lead to help for PTSD, depression; Prenatal antidepressants and ADHD; Adding therapy to meds helps depression; Managers' workplace stress.
Immune system links mental, physical illnesses; Suicide risk in older adults with insomnia; Possible treatment for autism found; Help for dementia caregivers; Bigger weddings, better marriages; Work stress leads to diabetes.
Perspective on Robin Williams' suicide; Warning signs of potential suicide; Comedians' personality traits; Gut bacteria can influence eating behavior; Pot damages teens' brains; Differences in risk-taking teens' brains.
Tips to control panic attacks; Being alone with one's thoughts intolerable; How to be more patient; One question identifies narcissists; Eating baked, broiled fish boosts brain health.Next week: Robin Williams.
Possible blood test to predict suicide risk, and another one for postpartum depression risk; Depression raises risk of dementia; Tips on flying phobia; Hospital killing exposes safety gap; Drinking and memory problems; Sleep deprivation distorts memories.
MD stops killings; Vet wants to keep pet ducks; Pets improve health; Stress enhances negative memories; Narcissism, empathy in social media; Insomnia after divorce raises blood pressure; Power of making amends; Low magnetic field stimulation for depression.
How gun violence by mentally ill could be curbed; Responses to Boston bombing further PTSD research; How stress causes weight gain; Brain implant to restore memory; Risk taking in bipolar disorder; Stress and insomnia; Interruptions degrade quality of work.
Involuntary outpatient treatment of mentally ill; Sedatives cause 90,000 ER trips a year; Brains of sex addicts, drug addicts similar; Hostility increases stroke risk; Moderate drinking and heart health; Quitting smoking with pill plus patch.
Fear of side effects worsens them; Overbooked kids don't function well; Gene found for one type of autism; Medications for autistic kids; ADHD kids and drug abuse.
Issues unique to women with depression, including increased heart attack risk; Insanity defense for Seattle shooter; Brain difference explains mob mentality; Brain scans to increase empathy.
Dr. Oz testifies to Senate about weight loss aids; Surgical implant for obesity; Suicide warnings on antidepressants raised suicide risks; MD's asked to judge competency to carry guns; Why smokers don't see rewards in quitting.
Brain changes result from fatherhood; Seattle shooter went off meds; Teen bullies, victims more armed; More military getting mental health treatment; Heart health keeps mind sharp; Tips for coping with anger.
Seattle shooter had been committed; Pot isn't harmless; Alzheimer's early signs; Bedtime procrastination; Good sleep lowers suicide risk.
Police misjudgments and gaps in mental health laws allowed murders to occur; Effexor XR touted for hot flashes; Chronic pain and depression; Hurt feelings raise blood pressure; Porn watching associated with brain changes.
Foreclosures and suicide risk; ER visits due to Xanax; Dealing with depressed spouse; 5 health-damaging emotions; Mental illness shortens life span.
Meds reduce violence in mentally ill; Bullying and inflammation; Frequent arguing can kill you; Lunesta dose should be lowered; Meds reduce smoking in kids with ADHD; Recognizing depression in 20-somethings.
Increased mortality with sedatives, sleeping pills; Seniors easily get off sleeping pills; Older mothers, higher risk of autism; Stress reduction eases pregnancy; Bullied teens take weapons to school; Dogs helps troops access mental health care; Ultrasound device on head helps mood.
Meds vs. therapy for mental illness; Effects of pulling all-nighters; Using ADHD drugs for better grades; Distorted thinking, risk of suicide; Elderly consider suicide without depression; Laughter effects brain like meditation.
Rates of bullying among teens decreased; 1 of 13 schoolkids takes psych meds; Keep prescription pills away from teens; Higher doses of antidepressants linked to suicidal behavior in young patients.
Antidepressants in pregnancy and risk of autism; Why we misplace things, how to stop; A little OCD in all of us; Hunger drives spousal arguments; Effects of childhood bullying evident 40 years later.
Ways to avoid common stresses; Exercise increases brain volume; Green tea improves memory; Women more likely to die from alcohol; Brain injuries, PTSD in Marines; Men don't enjoy female partners' success; Anxiety increases needed personal space.
Shooter's mental illness and discussion of access to guns; Increased incidence of autism; Ketamine not ready for use in depression; Stress decreases women's fertility; Stem cells to customize bipolar treatments; Mentally demanding jobs slow cognitive decline.
Listener email -- Social awkwardness; Why antidepressants linked to suicide risk; Parents' negative messages about drinking help; Antidepressants and premature birth.
7 dangers of sleep loss; Brain stimulation for eating disorders; Young males and eating disorders; Behavioral therapy for teens' migraines; Adopted teens more prone to suicide; Teens quit pot if friends don't use.
Saliva test for depression; Older dads, psych problems in kids; How to help friend with eating disorder; Loneliness in seniors; Sex and older couples; Bullying and poor health, suicidal behavior; Teen gene to track mental illness; Low brain iron in ADHD.
Cope with turning clock ahead; Mentally ill pregnant woman tries to kill children; Doctors prescribe more sedatives; More mental illness in soldiers; Angry outbursts raise heart attack risk; Friends source of abused painkillers; Older adults who binge drink die sooner.
Mentally ill still shun care; Antidepressant side effects; Mentally ill more often victims than perpetrators of violence; Doctors often miss suicide warning signs; New record for Golden Gate Bridge suicides; Evening exercise and sleep.
Report of Tylenol link to ADHD not definitive; Why we recall dreams and how to better recall them; Marriage quality and heart disease; Losing spouse leads to heart attacks, strokes; Family conflict and child brain development.
Pathogens may hurt memory; Quitting smoking helps mental health; Meditation helps workplace stress; Men faithful due to Oxytocin but cheat due to biology; Alcoholism and divorce; Brain area linked to perseverance; Blood proteins linked to rage.
Smartphone for work at night disturbs sleep; Sense of control helps longevity; Childhood anxiety disorders; Steroid-dependent asthma and depression; Anxiety and stroke risk; Stress gene and heart disease; Brain scans show Venus/Mars gender divide.
Computers impair doctor-patient interaction; ADHD increases risk of car crashes; Concussions may lead to Alzheimer's plaques; Longer maternity leave may prevent post-partum depression; Bipolar patients' poor physical health; Teased kids less physically active.
Having a gun increases risk of harm to self, others; Bereaved children at risk of psychosis; 90,000 kids to ER per year from bullying; Positive thinking effects response to migraine pills; MD's don't do enough about alcohol abuse; Employers combat worker burnout; Songs awaken memories in brain-damaged patients.
One week of junk food may impair memory; Caffeine may enhance memory; Drinking accelerates mental decline; Newborn lung disorder associated with antidepressants; Long-term risks of Post-partum depression; ADHD medications in pregnancy; Primary care MD's reluctant to give teens antidepressants.
Behavioral risk assessments may prevent mass shootings; Pot smoking tied to psychosis; Brain scans find basis for pothead stereotype; Vets group saves dogs, prevents suicides in PTSD sufferers; ECT to erase unwanted memories.
Secure your prescriptions when entertaining; Update on all latest smoking cessation advances.
Tips to reduce holiday stress; Few psychiatrists take insurance; "Affluenza" murder defense; Generic Cymbalta approved; Violence on news traumatic; Female libido drug elusive, but exercise helps relieve antidepressant sexual dysfunction;
Structural changes in babies' brains with maternal depression; Seasonal Affective Disorder, or Winter Depression; 6% of teens on psychiatric meds; Risk factors for ADHD.
Drug companies not investing in mental health; Antidepressants in pregnancy don't cause autism; Focus of Newtown massacre report is shooter's mother; Cures for workplace stress; Depression in teens in military families; Deleting memories to prevent PTSD.