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The NSPS Radio Hour

Curtis W. (Curt) Sumner

Curtis W. (Curt) Sumner is the Executive Director of the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS), serving the interests of professional surveyors nationwide, and internationally.

A longtime NSPS activist, he served on its Board of Governors (representing Virginia) from 1987-1994 (Chair 1993 and 1994); progressed through the NSPS officer chairs, serving as President in 1997. In mid-year 1998, he took on the roll of Executive Director of NSPS (as well as Executive Director for its then-parent organization, ACSM). ACSM was merged into NSPS in 2012.

Mr. Sumner is an invited presenter and keynote speaker throughout the U. S., and his articles routinely appear in many national and state publications.

He worked in the private sector as a licensed professional surveyor in Virginia and Maryland from 1980 through 2000, including being owner of Sumner Consulting.

NSPS is…..

  • The recognized national voice of the surveying professional.
  • Continually seeking to respond to the challenges presented by new technologies, government, and industry activities by providing a forum for its members to use their expertise and knowledge to confront those interests that are common al all surveyors.
  • Responsible for the evaluation of surveying related educational programs in colleges and universities seeking to establish or renew accreditation through ABET.
  • The organization that provides the surveying perspective on matters of collective interest through coalitions, and membership in organizations representing geospatial professionals.
  • A partner with the American Land Title Association in the adoption and promulgation of the ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey Requirements.
  • A conduit for input from the National Association of County Surveyors, National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), and the State Surveying Society Executives Council.

The NSPS holds spring and fall business meetings, and sometimes these meetings are held in conjunction with a conference held in conjunction with other organizations.

Contact information for Curtis Sumner is 240-439-4615, ext. 106 or

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Tyler Ardron, CFM with the Risk Reduction Plus Group of Smart Vent Products, Inc. will join host Curt Sumner to discuss elevation certificates and flood risk evaluation.
Joseph D. Fenicle, PS is the Chief Surveyor at the Office of the Fulton County Engineer in Wauseon, Ohio. Joe also owns Angular By Nature, LLC a company specializing in Continuing Professional Development for Surveyors and Engineers, as well as offering Land Surveying Services across Ohio and Michigan.Joe joins host Curt Sumner to discuss some of his activities, as well as articles he has written for various magazines, including his most recent article about the exploits of Captain James Riley.
After a couple of unavoidable postponements for his appearance, Scott Fein (PLS, CWRE, CFedS) joins host Curt Sumner to discuss the far reaches of surveying in the modern world, beyond making maps and marking lines/corners. Scott is the County Surveyor for Jackson County, OR. He says that marijuana legalization has brought the need and desire to know who's is what and where it is to a new level in Southern Oregon. State law regulating the new legal crop points directly to platting statutes which have a multitude of related land use implications.
Nationally known workshop speaker Kris Kline joins host Curt Sumner to discuss his recent and impending activities, and to discuss the latest work of his friend and well-known presenter/Surveyor/author Don Wilson.
James Shaw is a Past President of the Maryland Society of Surveyors who has on occasion written articles for xyHt magazine. In the near future, he will begin a regular column called Turning Point. The article will highlight Surveyors who have (or are in the process of) turning the corner for more fully embracing new technologies affecting the surveying profession. James joins host Curt Sumner to discuss his new column as well as his perspectives on a number of surveying related topics.
Curt Sumner will be joined by Jesse Biter with Proplogix, a national property transaction due diligence company that works with title agents, realtors, and property buyers to help ensure that property buyers are doing everything they can to protect themselves when buying property. All Surveyors know that surveys are often overlooked. PropLogix plans on changing that by building a network of qualified professional surveyors that they can use to help their buyers nationwide.
Join Curt and his guests from the Nethelands as they discuss surveying in the two different countries.
Curt is joined by Brandon Page for a discussion about the technologies utilized by the company, and how they employ surveyors.
Lisa Isom will join host Curt Sumner for a conversation. Lisa is the principle of Assurance Risk Managers, Inc. in Colorado. ARM-I manages the NSPS Insurance Program.
Author: Curt Sumner
xyHt magazine has published its 2017 list of "40 Under Forty" geospatial professionals. Like the 2016 edition, the 2017 list includes 40 individuals under the age of 40 from all around the world who are excelling in our profession. As he did in 2016, xyHt's Gavin Schrock will join host Curt Sumner for a conversation about those selected, as well as about a forecast for 2017 from a group of industry leaders.
"Technology relating to Land Surveying changes so rapidly, we are constantly upgrading to stay competitive. With the every changing business world, its necessary that we develop and expand our personal and professional knowledge, as well," says Ambrose E. Gmeiner, II, PSM, PLS, current Vice President for the New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors (NJSPLS) He joins host Curt Sumner for discussion on his perspectives.
The Surveyors Historical Society recently held its annual Rendezvous in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, highlighting the work of Verplank Colvin. Colvin Crew, and SHS members, Brian Magee and Richard Bennett will join host Curt Sumner for a recap of the activities during this event.
Ben Petersen, PLS, Licensed Professional Land Surveyor in the state of Washington, joins host Curt Sumner to follow up on further aspects of "The History of Tunnels and Tunnel Surveying" that were mentioned during his appearance on the show in October.
This show is a continuation of interviews with candidates for the office of NSPS Vice President in the upcoming election. Our profession, and our Society, are fortunate that three well qualified members have agreed to seek this office, including Mark Sargent (New Hampshire).
With the NSPS annual elections (to be conducted electronically) on the horizon, host Curt Sumner will interview candidates for the office of Vice President. Our profession, and our Society, are fortunate that four (4) well qualified members have agreed to seek this office.
Join Host Curt Sumner for a conversation with Stuart Warnock. Stuart is a Registered Professional Land Surveyor and Geographic Information Systems Professional with over a decade of experience managing projects in the land development, oil & gas, transportation, water, waste water, and electric industries. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Tyler, the Owner and Principal of Pioneer Mapping in Fort Worth, Texas, and is actively involved in the Young Surveyors Network in Texas.
Join host Curt Sumner and guest Curt Bynum, GISP, the Manager of LOJIC discuss the system, including how data from surveyors is utilized.
Join host Curt Sumner and his guests TJ Frazier (MSS), Burk Cornelius (OK), and Steve Douty (VAS) for a discussion about this important issue of Workforce Development initiative for the surveying profession.
Join Curt and his guest Ben Petersen, PLS, a Licensed Professional Land Surveyor in the state of Washington. Ben talks about Tunnels and Tunnel Surveying. He has an extensive background in this type of work, and many "stories to tell."
Anna Burroughs SIT, Texas Young Surveyors Network Director who represents TSPS on the NSPS Young Surveyors Network joins host Curt Sumner to discuss the NSPS Young Surveyors meeting being held this weekend during the NSPS Fall business meetings in Arizona.
NSPS President Tony Cavell, President-Elect Jan Fokens, and Vice President Kim Leavitt join host Curt Sumner for a discussion about NSPS activities as the organization heads into the fourth quarter of 2016, and about the upcoming NSPS Fall business meetings scheduled for Sept. 29/30 in Arizona.
In June of this year, host Curt Sumner was joined by NGS representatives to discuss the future of the NGS Regional Advisor Program. Be sure to join him for a conversation with Scott Martin (CA) and Gary Thompson (NC) for a discussion about the concept of State Geodetic Coordinators, and the responsibilities of that position.
Join host Curt Sumner for his discussion with Joseph Romano about an agreement between NSPS and the United States Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for mutually advantageous educational, developmental and political activities. They will also discuss the upcoming USIBD 2016 Symposium, to be held in Atlanta on Oct. 16-17.
Stan Emerick joins host Curt Sumner to discuss the Osage Treaty Line Initiative undertaken by the Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors to attempt to recover evidence of the "southern expedition" which was one of two components of survey to establish the line.
Join host Curt Sumner and his guest Glen Thurow for a discussion on the state of surveying education in general and the contemplated cancellation of the New Mexico State University program; the growing push against occupational licensing; the falling numbers of those taking the FS and PS exams.
Nick works for a company called Garsdale Design in the UK doing work in the field of Building Information Management BIM and also City Information Management, join Curt as he talks to Nick.
Amanda Allred is a professional licensed surveyor in New Mexico, a member of the NSPS Board of Directors, a mentor, and a young Mom running a surveying business. Amanda joins host Curt Sumner for a discussion on a variety of topics.
Have you ever thought about whether, or which type of insurance is required for your "drone"; what is involved in cyber liability; or how you might be affected by employment practices liability? NSPS Insurance Program manager Lisa Isom joins host Curt Sumner to discuss these and other matters.
Surveyor/Author/Presenter Kris Kline will join host Curt Sumner to fill in our audience on his latest activities, and discuss future plans.
Jim Vianna and Brian Magee join host Curt Sumner for a conversation about Colvin, and in particular about the upcoming Surveyors Historical Society rendezvous event (September 28- October 1) which is focused on Colvin's work in the Adirondack Wilderness.
To harness the collective mind power of a community to innovate upon any problem or opportunity. Gary along with Nidhi Chaudhary, VP of Challenge Success for HeroX, join host Curt Sumner for a conversation about how HeroX works.
Kelly Edinger (Director, Solutions Delivery) and Mike Arntzen (Sr. Director of Cloud Services, and CIO) join host Curt Sumner for a conversation about Amaxra's concepts for serving the surveying profession.
Uppermost in the minds of many Professional Surveyors is the future of our beloved profession, including the question, "how will we find, educate, and mentor the next generation." Tony Nettleman has gone through the educational process, the licensure process (both as a surveyor and an attorney), and is currently an instructor in the Texas A&M University Corpus Christi ABET-accredited program. Tony will join host Curt Sumner for a conversation about his perspectives on this, and other issues.
Guests Steve Crossland, Chairman of Washington's LLLT Board; Bob Zierman, a boundary dispute attorney in Washington state; and Gary Kent (well known to surveyors nationwide) will join Curt Sumner in a conversation which began during a January 2015 radio show to explore how an LLLT program might be developed to improve neighbor and surveyor-attorney relationships to advance the surveyors' mission of protecting property rights, and advancing the surveying profession.
NGS Geodetic Advisor Branch Chief Ross Mackay, along with Northeast Advisor Dan Martin and Pacific Southwest Advisor Dana Caccamise, will join host Curt Sumner for a discussion on NGS’ transition to a Regional Geodetic Advisor program.
Charlie will join host Curt Sumner to discuss Ownership Transition strategies for professional surveyors.
Jim Coan, PLS (WA) has spent many years educating surveying technicians through his connection with Renton Technical College, Seattle University, and other venues. He joins host Curt Sumner to discuss this critical matter.
ACE President and CEO Jack Kalavritinos and ACE volunteer Melanie Smith join host Curt Sumner to talk about this program, and how surveyors can be a part of it as yet another means for attracting young people into surveying careers.
Join host Curt Sumner for a discussion with James Kavanagh about surveying organizations and about his experiences, which include some of the largest civil engineering projects in Europe, and mapping Palestinian refugee camps in the Middle East while working for the United Nations. James has broad experience of surveying in many countries around the world, including Ireland, UK, Belgium, the Seychelles, Palestine, Philippines, Syria, and Egypt.
Recently installed NSPS President Tony Cavell (LA) will join host Curt Sumner to discuss his vision for NSPS for the coming year, and beyond. Having served as the representative to NSPS for the Louisiana Society of Professional Surveyors (LSPS) prior to his positions in NSPS leadership, Tony well understands the critical dynamic of cooperation among those in leadership and the membership at large.
Join host Curt Sumner and his guest John Perry, founder and CEO of Altavian Inc., a Florida firm that provides drones to collect data for construction, and fulfilling some traditional surveying and mapping requirements, everything from environmental surveys, topography and volumetric surveys, as well as expanding in inspection-related services. He notes that, “Drone use in surveying, engineering and construction is dramatically rising".
Join Curt and his guest as they discuss more insurance details.
Joining host Curt Sumner for a discussion on the topic will be Frank Lenik. Frank has many titles and responsibilities in NSPS, one of which is as Chair/coordinator for National Surveyors Week activities. Joining Frank will be Galen Scott with NOAA/NGS to discuss tying the GPS on Bench Marks campaign with National Surveyors Week.
NSPS Government Affairs consultant John Palatiello discusses the four (4) major topics to be addressed as part of the annual visits with legislators and their respective staff during NSPS Capitol Hill Day March 16. NSPS members will be joined by members of MAPPS for this important event.
Louie Bush with Bowman Consulting and Steve Hutsell with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) join host Curt Sumner to discuss the topic of Civil Information Management.
Join host Curt Sumner for a conversation with Jim Weldon with Rust-oleum. Curt and Jim will discuss a new product/process called Spray Smart” created for surveyors and others who mark in the outdoors.
John is retiring soon as CEO of Rowe, Inc. in Flint, and host Curt Sumner convinced John to join him for a chat about his career, life, and future activities.
The lead person for our Young Surveyors Neywork is Amanda Askren, a young surveyor in the state of Washington. Amanda joins host Curt Sumner to talk the initiative.
Join host Curt Sumner as he discusses this valuable program with Bob Smith and Patrick Cochrane, two surveyors who have long shared their time and expertise to make a difference.
Donald Buhler, Branch Chief, BLM Cadastral Survey and Lands, and Ron Scherler, formerly with BLM and currently serving as CFedS Training support, join host Curt Sumner to discuss the current status of the program, as well as its projected future.
Lisa Van Horn, NSPS Public Relations Committee Chair, joins host Curt Sumner to talk about the efforts of this committee going into 2016, along with a number of other outreach proposals and options for NSPS and the surveying community to utilize in promoting the profession.
A recent edition of xyHt magazine llisted 40 under 40″ (or 40
Gary Kent joins host Curt Sumner to discuss a series of issues facing the surveying profession, from challenges to state licensing laws with regard to specific surveying activities (such as hydrography) for which some feel certifications are sufficient proof of competence; to challenges from those who think licensing is unnecessary altogether, or at most should apply only to surveying activities related to land boundaries..
Join host Curt Sumner for his discussion with the candidates: Jan Fokens (President-Elect) along with Kim Leavitt and Rick Howard (Vice President). The election will be conducted primarily online, but will include mailing of ballots to members for whom NSPS has no active email address.
The "Boundary Hunter" will join host Curt Sumner to share his experiences. Ken Allred will reveal the story behind the title on his business card, and share his experiences as a professional surveyor, adjunct professor, and politician in Alberta, Canada over the past 50 years.
John Palatiello (his company is our Government Affairs consultant) is going to joins Curt for a wrap-up of the NSPS activities in the federal arena in 2015. They talk some about our 2016 conference coming up in March, during which we will hold our annual Capitol Hill Day visits for our members with their respective legislators in DC (fun, fun, fun).
Join host Curt Sumner and his guest Michael Pallamary from La Jolla, CA for a discussion about the upcoming Future of Surveying Forum, to be hosted by NCEES in early 2015, and to which both are invited participants. Also hear Michael’s comments regarding his experiences working with Curt Brown, whose ideas he says are still relevant, valuable, and worthy of being part of the discussion in the upcoming Forum.
Surveyors are the key element for land tenure systems in the developing world, says Rex Parry, who is working on an “app for use in defining the rough outline for land boundaries in developing countries, which will then be formalized by professional surveyors, creating great opportunities for the profession. Join Rex as he discusses his concept with host Curt Sumner.
Surveyor, instructor, author Kris Kline will join host Curt Sumner for a discussion of his latest projects, including delving into the Public Trust Doctrine. Kris says he is learning from his workshops that a large swath of the country is actually affected by it, and many are presently fighting with various parties over limits of the doctrine.
Join Curt and his guest as they discuss more questions about insurance.
John Hohol, NSPS Head of Delegation to FIG, and FIG Foundation Chair will join host Curt Sumner to discuss the latest from FIG, and the potential for NSPS to host the 2022 FIG Congress in the United States. NSPS last hosted the FIG Congress in 2012. John and Curt will also discuss FIG associated activities regarding international standards for property (buildings) and land measurement.
Please join host Curt Sumner and his guest Jim Demma, a professional surveyor/attorney in Maryland for a conversation about Jim's experiences, included how being a professional survey has assisted him in his legal practice.
Denny DeMeyer and John Thalacker, appeared on the NSPS Radio Hour back in July 2015 to talk about the Surveyors Historical Society 2015 Rendezvous. Now that the Rendezvous is over, they again join host Curt Sumner to recap the event.
Photojournalist Ian Martin resides in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA where he is a member of the city’s Planning Commission. His book, A Town of Divine Proportion, the Golden Rectangles of Carmel-by-the-Sea, explores the thought that part of the city was designed on the geometric concept known as The Golden Rectangle”. Ian will join host Curt Sumner to explore this idea, and discuss the story of the Golden Rectangle’s origins and history.
Stan Emerick, History Committee Chairman for the Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors, joins host Curt Sumner to provide more details regarding the background associated with the two events scheduled in October to celebrate Joseph C. Brown, and the Bicentennial of the Fifth Principal Meridian (see article above).
Join Curt and his guest Ron Whitehead, President of the National Association of County Surveyors.
Join host Curt Sumner and his guest Jacob Hack, a young surveyor who is completing his Phd at Ohio State,as they talk about his work in South America and Antarctica, as well as his perspectives on the Future of Surveying.
David Holland, County Surveyor/ Henrico County, VA; NSPS Board of Directors member (representing VA). Curt and David talk about trips he has orchestrated for surveyors, and is looking into for the next few years.
Join host Curt Sumner for Part 2 of their discussion about the proposed additions/amendments for the 2016 version of the standards.
Gary Kent, Chair of the Joint ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey Committee, joins host Curt Sumner for a report from the Committee.
Join Host Curt Sumner as he and Bill Morton talk about Morton’s adventures in researching for the new book, and about his hero Ellicott.
Host Curt Sumner will continue the series of discussions with Lisa Isom on the latest news concerning insurance protection for surveyors, their companies, and their employees. Lisa's company manages Insurance Program NSPS has set up for its members.
Are you, or do you know someone under the age of 40 who is a leader within our profession? Among other things, Neil Sandler and Gavin Schrock with xyHt magazine will be talking about their plan to profile 40 such geospatial practitioners as the magazine formerly known as Professional Surveyor celebrates it first anniversary.
You may have noticed the preceding article by Rick Pryce. He will join host Curt Sumner for an update on the equipment theft problem (especially in Florida), and about some of his other activities.
Join Curt and his guests as they discuss NSPS today.
Denny DeMeyer and John Thalacker, members of the 2015 Surveyors Historical Society Rendezvous Committee, join host Curt Sumner to discuss the incentive for the theme of the event, as well as some background on the individuals whose work will be highlighted. They will also talk about the activities that are scheduled during the September 9-13, 2015 event.
NSPS President Jon Warren and NSPS President-Elect Tony Cavell join host Curt Sumner for an update on NSPS activities during the first quarter of their current terms.