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Greg Williams is an Atlanta native that grew up in East Cobb County. He is a graduate of Wheeler High School and the University of Georgia and holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from the Grady College of Mass Communication at UGA. He worked for the Marietta Daily Journal for a year as a reporter after graduation and has been employed in the mortgage industry as a mortgage banker for the past 11 years. He has been active in the Republican Party in Georgia and currently serves as Chairman of the Buckhead Young Republicans and Co-chair of the Bucksprings Breakfast. You can find his blog at

Join Greg and guest Alpharetta Mayor David Belle Isle scheduled to call in to talk about his campaign for Secretary of State and other salient issues.
Join host Greg Williams and his guest Melissa and her adventure on surviving in the nude.
Join Greg and Panama City News Anchor Jessica Foster Bonnerr on to discuss her courageous fight against Breast Cancer. Also, our friend Sam Burnham called in to talk about the High Speed Train proposal from Atlanta to Chattanooga which is back in the news again.
Join Greg and his guest GA GOP 8th Chair Chris West is scheduled to join us to talk about his candidacy for National Committeeman. Also, our friend Jerry Henry from Georgia Carry will provide some facts and honest analysis to the raging gun control debate which the Left is so eager to exploit human tragedy to push their agenda.
Join Greg and guest as GA GOP 1st Vice Chair Carolyn Hall Fisher and political analyst Todd Rehm from are scheduled to join us.
#GregsList we will be talking about an issue of dire importance to many of our friends and neighbors in Georgia, Medical Marijuana. Dale Jackson and Lori J. Murphy will be joining me in studio tomorrow at 2pm EST to give their personal testimonial about this critical healthcare issue. Please tune in and tell your friends about this provocative and educational program.
We return today to ring in the New Year and our friend Sam Burnham from the blog All the Biscuits in Georgia will call in to speculate about the 2017 outlook for Georgia and the Federal level
Tune in to final #GregsList of 2016 as we welcome Editor Christy Riggins back to the program to talk Trump cabinet and #Gapol speculation. We are also very excited to have Kory Boone, State Chair of the Maryland Young Republicans (yes, there are Republicans in MD) joining us at 6:30 pm for a segment.
Georgia GOP First Vice Chair Michael McNeely joins us to talk about his candidacy and vision for the State Party. Our fave morning newsletter Editor Todd Rehm from will also join us to talk about the upcoming legislative session in GA and some feedback on Trump's Cabinet picks..
Nationally renowned economist Steve Moore is scheduled to call in and talk about the outlook under President Trump. Joining us on that call is GA State Rep Paulette Rakestraw as we also talk about the move for a Balanced Budget amendment. Then, our favorite GA Elector, Rachel Little will join us to discuss the deluge of emails, calls, and other forms of harassment from the apoplectic Left wing who can't admit defeat.
Join Greg and his guest Joe McCutchen joins ass they talk about an amazing November. Also, Ruben Maestre talking about his experiences as an American with Cuban heritage and what Castro's death means for the future of Cuba.
Join Greg and his guestwith guest host Melissa LeEllen, founder of Deadly Crimson, a local entrepreneur, and Actor. Also, the talented Wes McGee joined us from Hollywood to talk about his new endeavors...
Tune in to Greg's List with guest David Johnson from Strategic Vision, a nationally recognized political consulting and strategy firm.
Join Guest Host Ellen Diehl as she makes her prediction and much more all about Election 2016.
Jason Downey, Bibb County Board of Education Member, District 6, and the current Vice President of the Board joins us to talk about Amendment One and ways to improve education. Attorney Catherine Bernard has stepped up to the plate as well and joins us in studio to explain Amendment 3, which is the most convoluted Amendment voters will answer in my humble opinion.
Tune in as we celebrate Amendment Day today as Amendments 1 & 2 to the GA Constitution will be discussed. Dekalb Commish Nancy Jester is on the docket to talk about Opportunity Schools (Amendment 1) and our friend Dave McCleary will join us in studio to talk about Safe Harbor (Amendment 2).
Tune in as Travis Ellis from the Shepherd's Men, an initiative that helps treat PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries in US Military Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is our guest.
Tune in as Ellen Diehl joins us again in studio to co-host as we welcome Zpolitics Editor Christy Riggins to talk about the VP Debate and Opportunity School District issues in GA. Also, Weston Kirk from Team Trump will call in to talk about his visit to New York and give us a campaign update.
Tune in as the number one caller to talk radio, Mr. Joe McCutchen, is scheduled to call in to recap the debate with us. Also, everyone's favorite Grassroots Trump Train conductor, Ellen Diehl, will give us an update from the field about the Donald's campaign.
Tune in as 11th District Chair and US Army Major Brad Carver joins us to talk about his travels riding the Trump Train on the campaign trail!
Join Greg and guests Scott Godwin joins me as co-host live in Studio! Topics of discussion: his recent trip to the Middle East, fitness, politics, and more. We also have Congressional District 4 Candidate Victor Armendariz scheduled to call in and talk about his race to supplant Hank "Guam Truther" Johnson in Washington DC..
Join Greg and guests Zpolitics Editor Christy Riggins joins us to talk about State and Federal politics. Also, Editor Todd Rehm will discuss polling, down ballot races, and whether or not the NeverTrump Republicans are doing the work of Democrats and suppressing GOP turnout...
Join Greg and his guest Libertarian US Senate Candidate Allen Buckley as they talk politics and economic philosophy.
Join Greg and Political Guru Mark Rountree discussing the state of the Election and the disconcerting poll numbers that have shown Donald Trump losing ground to Crooked Hillary...Also, Radio Host Bryan BK Crabtree talking about the competing Republican and Democrat conventions...
Sam Burnham from the website All the Biscuits in Georgia joins us to talk about the contrasting Convention styles amongst Libertarians, Republicans, and Democrats. Also joining us will be Douglas County's Matthew Krull to recap last week's RNC in Cleveland and Attorney Michael Abramson will respond to Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson's repugnant, Anti-Semitic comments about Jewish Settlements
Guest Brad Carver on Trump and the GOP convention Then a discussion about ISIS, the bombings in Saudi, ISIS, Islam, and the Kurds with Doug Teper, former state rep and professor at Ga State who spent three years working for State Department with the Kurds in northern Iraq.
Lee Weber joins Greg to talk about the era of political correctness and problems with Political Parties. Also, our friend Christy Riggins will join in to talk GA and National Poltics
Republican National Convention coming up next month in Cleveland and the impact of social media on events like the Orlando Jihadist attack... Social Media expert Rachel Dodsworth joins Greg to discuss these topics in depth.
Join Greg and guest Todd Rehm from talking about the GA GOP Convention and the ramifications of the defacto Clinton vs. Trump vs. Johnson Presidential race. I am interested in a‪ neverTrump‬
Greg talks with Sam Burnham, Editor and Curator of the website Discussing the economic issues and why the Libertarian convention turned into an episode of "Naked and Afraid..."
Join Greg and his guest National Committee Woman Candidate Ginger Howard and State House Candidate Lane Flynn in studio!
Join Greg and his guests PSC Tim G. Echols as they talk about issues impacting Georgians from the Public Service level. Also, Dekalb BOE member Stan Jester talks about improving educational outcomes and the TAD initiative in North Dekalb which has drawn opposition from an unusual source.
Republican activist and candidate for National CommitteeWoman Linda Clary Umberger joins us in studio to talk about her race. Also, the newly elected Chairman of the Georgia College Republicans, Brennan Mancil joins us to talk about his plans for the upcoming year and ideas on the direction for the GOP
This is a VERY interesting show as Greg talks the law and DRONES with attorney Elizabeth Wharton.
Join Greg and guests Jason Pye from Freedomworks calling in to talk about the National scene and State Senator Josh McKoon will be joining us live in studio to chat about the Legislative session and other salient topics.
Tune in to Greg and his guests Pete Gibbons, Mayor of the big city of Bowman, GA joins us to talk about his campaign for Senate District 24. Also, our fave North Carolinian Rachel Dodsworth will be calling in to talk about the changing tone of the Presidential campaign and some speculation about Super Ides of Tuesday..
Big show as we plod along through the Presidential primaries and hit the home stretch in GA legislative session...Ryan James Barr, First Vice Chair of the Baldwin County GOP and contributing writer a joins us to talk about the National scene. On the State level, House Bill 859, aka the Campus Carry Bill, has advanced in the GA legislature and North Georgia College Republicans Chair Janelle Bova join us to discuss..
Super Tuesday Show as Congressional Candidate Bobby Scott joins us in studio and Joel Pollack, Chairman of the Valdosta State College Republicans will call in to talk about the Trump event in Valdosta yesterday and other observations...
Join Greg and his guest talking Republican Presidential candidates and why they support . . .
Join Greg and his guest renowned artist Kathy Andrews Fincher .
Great show as Chase Reed from Madison Strategies joins us to talk about the Presidential race and Iowa analysis. Also, Covington City Councilman Josh McKelvey, who was on the ground with the Rand Paul campaign in Iowa
Rachel Dodsworth joins us in studio to talk about the Presidential race while William Harrison Lance calls in and talks about a difference kind of horse unique to Georgia. .
Big show today on Greg's List as Chuck Payne from Dr. Ben Carson's campaign and Louie Hunter from the Ted Cruz campaign will join us to talk about their respective candidates and the overall GOP race...
Big show lined up today as Georgia YR President Robert Lee joins us as a guest host to talk GYR stuff, Speaker of the House Stuff, POTUS stuff, and other, uh, stuff...Also, Simone Cherie Perry will join us to talk about an exciting new project with the Black Conservative Caucus in Georgia.
Great show lined up as House Rep Trey Kelley joins us to talk about the upcoming legislative session and the Marco Rubio campaign. Also, our friend Joash Thomas will talk about his multi-month experience in South Asia fighting Bonded Labour (Slavery)...
Tune in to Greg's List as we preview tonight's Socialism hour, er, the Democrat Debate with Political Analyst David Johnson from Strategic Vision...
Join Greg and his guest Todd Rehm, Editor of GA
Join Greg and his guests Christy Riggins, editor of joins us as a guest host in the studio. Also, SD 43 candidate Diane Daniels Adoma will visit with us to talk about her campaign, which has nearly as many announced candidates as the 2016 POTUS field.
Join Greg and his guests Rachel L. Dodsworth with Adsworth Media, Michelle Miller, PSC Candidate, and Steve Camarota from the Center for Immigration Studies
Kellie Austin joins us to discuss her Public Service Commission announcement and we will also be joined in studio by Carly Fiorina's Georgia Campaign Chairs, Loretta Lepore and Dr. Kathleen Ruth!
All-Star guests on Greg's List today as Cory Ruth, Managing Partner of Mergence Global, Julianne Thompson, GA Co-Chair for Scott Walker's Presidential campaign, and Erica Barker, Political Director of the GA College Republicans
Great show on ‪‎Greg's List‬, as Valerie Sargent Martin joins us to talk about the Left's "Outrage of the Week", the Alpha Phi sorority at Alabama and David Johnson, political analyst from Strategic Vision will join us to talk about the ever changing POTUS race..
Tune in to Greg's List as he discusses the Presidential race and recap the Young Republican Convention in Chicago this past weekend with Keith Hanks and Rob Lee.
Great show lined up today on Greg's List. Johns Creek Businessman and City Council candidate Jay Lin for Johns Creek City Council will join us in studio and we will also have former Brookhaven Mayor and current House District 80 candidate J J. Max Davis.
Who is "Tanto" ? Join host Greg Williams as he interview the author and HERO of BENGHAZI, Kris Paronto. If you want the truth about Benghazi this show is truly one you have to listen to!
Join Greg and his guest Irina Strembitsky, who Immigrated here from the Ukraine talks about all sorts of things, including Media Bias, Health Care solutions, leaving an Eastern bloc country, and maybe even a little Tennis. Also, Alex Gimenez will join us to preview his latest Red Pill Forum presentation about Cuba.
Join Greg and his guests House District 24 candidate Sheri Gilligan as they discuss her candidacy and Political Consultant David Johnson from Strategic Vision will analyze the ever changing POTUS 2016 landscape.
Join Greg and guests as they talk about 2nd Amendment event and Dave McCleary's House Rep candidacy in Roswell, GA
We talked about special election season in GA and issues facing Millenials
Guests Cecilia Shutters from the U.S. Green Building Council and Shaw Blackmon, State House Candidate for District 146 Talked about Presidential race, Green building initiatives, and GA State House elections
Join Greg and his guests David Johnson and Amanda Swafford as they talk about the 2016 Presidential race and the issue of ballot access in GA
Join Greg and his guests as they discuss local and national politics.
Greg interviews Jessica Szilagyi, aka The Perspicacious Conservative for a Recap of the Right Online conference in DC this past weekend. We also have Sheila L. Stephens from Project Valkyrie and Dave Bray from the band Madison Rising calling in!
Greg and Nate discuss limited government in the Real World and other philosophical issues.
Talking about Ted Cruz, encouraging youth, and Presidential politics
Greg discussed Millenial issues and the Baltimore riots with his guests
Greg and his guest talk about the Medical Cannabis issue and Challenges for Public Servants when they first take office
Join Greg as he talks about Georgia's attempt to regulate the Transportation industry and the potential match ups for President in 2016 with his guests.
Join Greg as he speaks with the State Director for Americans for Prosperity about fighting Big Government
Join guest host and State Rep. Allen Peake as they discuss HB 1 the medical cannabis bill then guest Lucas Greenberg Chair Young Citizens For Prosperity - on Young Voters and the 2016 Campaign For President.
Join host Greg Williams and his guest Jeff Breedlove as they discuss Georgia and National Politics.
Join host Greg Williams and his guest as they talk about Reforming the Electoral College and the Legislative outlook in Georgia...
Join Greg and his guests as they talk about lowering the minimum age for Legislators in GA and Transportation Issues
Talking about the Special election for HD50 and Issues facing Young Republicans.
Talking about the Craft Brew Legislation and Ridesharing Industry
Talking about the election map and Republican strategy after winning the Senate
Discussed VA Funding issues
Join Greg and his guest Jeff Breedlove from discussing the National and State races
Join Greg and his guest talking politics.
Join Greg and his guest author Patrick Garbin as they talk about Political Correctness in the Football arena