Davids Pick

David Moxley started life and radio life in Lubbock Texas moving to Atlanta, Georgia in the early ‘70s with an Ag Eco Degree from Texas Tech farming experience and of course radio experience. 30 years later with a going B 2 B ad agency the opportunity hit to start a LPAM radio station in Sandy Springs, Georgia a brand new town in the state. Fortunately an intern work for the station, pointed away from terrestrial radio to the new game in town, web based radio, and there’s the start of America’s Web Radio and the rest is history. Today www.americaswebradio.com is the anchor station for soon to be available America’s Broadcast Network. So, as you’ve heard all your life, Stay Tuned! We’re always looking for good shows and will entertain all and listen to all ideas and talent.

Author: America's Web Radio