April 2005 brought a new chat radio station to a small town in Georgia, Sandy Springs, and to the world via the internet. David Moxley the founder of America’s Web Radio, really wanted it to be an “Oldies” station but realized from the get-go there was just too much competition and so the decision was made to be a chat radio station introducing a variety of interesting and entertaining programs to a new and growing market.

What is chat radio? It is not talk radio but chat radio limiting each program and host to only one hour as opposed to several hours. Relying on mostly newcomers to the radio industry the programming has seen changes yet some shows like the Classic Car Show and Psychiatry Today have been on the air since almost the first day.

America’s Web Radio has a suite of offices/studios that with the help of a number of computers and talented folks can do just about as much as the big boys. We are continually surprised at the emails we receive from folk’s across-the-country and from around-the-world praising our hosts and programming. Our unique programming and addressing the issues of day have been the draw for the station and will continue as some exciting new technology will soon be added to the programming mix. So as the saying goes “stay tuned”.