GUILTY AS HELL! Now what do we do about it?

Are you above the law? The Clintons seem to think they are!

Nationally we began seeing the kind of trash the Clintons were and are during Bill’s first term as President. Shamefully we, and particularly the media, gave them basically a free ride in the Oval Office and with White Water. Slowly it became apparent that to live one didn’t cross the Clintons as “Arkancides”(available if you want a copy)or Google it. Arkancides is a list of the people that in some-way-or-another were connected to the Clintons had died mysteriously, sure as hell NOT from old age. And, if I were guessing today, there will be more in the near future as “SELLING OUT YOUR COUNTRY” unravels for the Clintons.

HOW MUCH MONEY IS SELLING OUT YOUR COUNTRY WORTH? The question as we’re learning can not only be asked of the Clintons but Obama and most, if not all, of his administration. In reality we’re probably lucky we’re even here today. Obama, led by the Clintons will eventually be proven to be the MOST corrupt administration in history, period. Frankly, I’ve had it with the Clintons and the liberals that yell lies, use the media, point fingers and are actually the now proven guilty. I don’t care what happens to these sick, greedy and country hating bitches and bastards that have, or wait, we have put in power and they have crapped on us at every turn.

What do you think?
This is not a liberal or conservative question it is a moral, ethical and patriotic question and we’re seeing Hillary’s answer, “I’ll do anything for money”. On many of our shows we say over-and-over-again, “follow the money”. That certainly holds true with what is coming out now about the Clinton’s, the DNC, the Clinton Foundation and the lying Obama, Holder, Jarrett and the rest of the garbage that “We the People” trusted for eight years took money for anything! CORRUPTION AT ITS BEST!

Prior to WWII we sold iron/steel to the Japanese and they returned it to us in Hawaii, where and how is Putin going to return OUR uranium? This is crazy and the folks that have done it are money hungry traitors and should be found guilty and punished appropriately. That’s my opinion what’s yours?

After draining the swamp it should be BURNED to make sure this kind of corruption can NEVER have life again in our government. But, I’m a realist and know as long as there are terrible greedy people and money there will always be corruption! The ONLY thing the honest patriot can do is severely hold the people we put in office accountable.

What the Clintons and the rest of the garbage have done is not fair to the citizens of yesterday, today and tomorrow but is GROSSLY unfair and NO punishment bad, or terrible enough should be administered to these people for their total disregard for those that have made the ultimate sacrifice while these greedy examples of trash have laughed at us all. My consolation is that while we as a country we can prescribe and punish the REAL punishment will be delivered by the highest of powers and the most just punishment possible. And, somewhere in their greedy little minds they know “theirs is coming” here and in the hereafter.