This Week’s DagRave

                The Democrats are for “free” public college tuition. Perhaps that is a way to get more males into college or maybe it’s just a way to insure more money going to a reliable Democrat constituency including many near worthless academics who couldn’t possibly find a well-paying job in the private, let alone become economically productive, sector.

Today females outnumber males by around a million students. Males are opting out of incurring debt to attend the increasingly male hostile atmosphere of the all too typical college, hence, let’s make public colleges tuition-free. Free tuition presumably will make it more attractive for males to continue their adolescent pursuits of attending football games, drinking beer and chasing women while preparing for careers as waiters or, if they have nothing better to do, go to law school. After all, why would the Democrat party want to address the real issues?

Meanwhile female students have fewer potential mates to check out while they pursue programs and activities once thought inappropriate for them.

Colleges and certain graduate and professional schools, desperate for revenue after spending all previously available “free” money (federal loans given to students) on fancy buildings and exploding numbers of high salaried administrative staffs, continue to gut entrance requirements, search for foreign students, lower academic standards by expecting ever less from their students, and add frivolous courses as a lure to attract the non-educationally inclined. Credentialed does not equal educated. Why read Shakespeare when you can get college credit for reading comic books?